25 Apr 23

Miloo: A Local E-Bike Company that Boasts Brains and Brawn

Set on disrupting mobility in the best of ways, Miloo puts the fun in functionality for your commute in Lausanne.
06 Apr 23

Along the River – Biking the Rhone

Arguably the best bike track in Switzerland is the path following the majestic Rhone river from the source at the Rhone glacier to Geneva Lake.

Best Spring Walks in & around Lausanne 2023

Looking to get outside and admire the early blooms this spring? Why not try one of these gorgeous walks in the area.
09 Mar 23

Children’s Birthday Parties in Lausanne

We’ve got (lots of) ideas for your kid’s birthday celebration.
07 Mar 23

10 Ways to Earn your Lausanne Stripes

How do you know when you’re officially a local? See how many of these you can tick off the list.
03 Mar 23

No Availability – Finding an Apartment in Lausanne

Desperate house hunting has been a hallmark of moving to Lausanne. Find out more of why and how this might change in the future.
03 Feb 23

Moving & Renting in Lausanne

Moving and renting in Lausanne can be complicated. We’ve rounded up resources to make dealing with l’immobilier a bit less painful.
31 Jan 23

Laura Paccot: the Mother of Wines at Domaine de la Colombe

Laura Paccot is taking the reins from her iconic father, Raymond Paccot, while raising two small children.
16 Jan 23

Lausanne Life Hacks

Whether your a long-time Lausanne resident or a fresh arrival, we’ve got a few hacks that will make life easier here.
29 Nov 22

Volunteering in Lausanne

Interested in meeting new people, sharing your skills and giving back to the community? Here’s a guide to all you need to know to start volunteering in the Lausanne area.
01 Nov 22

Single in Lausanne

Single and looking to settle down for winter? We’ve got a guide to some fun and not-so-traditional ways of meeting that special someone in Lausanne.
18 Oct 22

Le Sleek

Pre-loved, curated fashion at our fingertips.
06 Oct 22

Top 10 Things to do this Autumn in Lausanne

Discover our favorite activities to do in and around Lausanne during the autumn season.
28 Sep 22

Emmaüs Etagnières: Celebrating 50 Years of Community Spirit

Emmaüs Etagnières is more than just a second-hand store. It’s an association dedicated to fighting against poverty and exclusion.
22 Sep 22

A Parents’ Guide to School Holiday Camps in Lausanne

For those who need help with childcare during school holidays, Lausanne offers an amazing variety of camps year-round.
08 Sep 22

Design & Furniture Shops in and around Lausanne

Who is sick of trekking to Aubonne and Etoy on that boring stretch of autoroute to shop for furniture? If you are, then read on.
07 Sep 22

Supermarket Free in Lausanne

Looking to support local businesses and farms, but always find yourself at the big supermarket chains for your weekly shop? Here is your guide to going supermarket free in Lausanne.
15 Jul 22

Cool Down in these Lausanne Area Pools

Heat waves are getting real in Lausanne, but we’ve got you covered with our favorite Lausanne area pools. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Best Summer Day Trips for Visitors to Lausanne

Visitors coming to Lausanne? We’ve got you covered so you can show them a good time with these 5 day-trips all from Lausanne.
01 Jul 22

3 Ways to Treat Yourself in Lausanne this Summer

Summer is finally here! It’s the moment to take time for ourselves and be dedicated to what I call the “holy trinity”: mind, body, and food. How about finding ways to treat yourself in Lausanne during this season?

Catherine Cruchon and the Legacy of Swiss Biodynamic Wine

For Catherine, it isn’t just about the vines or even the wine, it is about creating an experience that evokes “emotional registry.


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