15 Sep 21

The Answer is in the Qwstion

Zurich-based brand Qwstion has been making bags, backpacks and practical accessories since 2008 concentrating on circularity and design. And now they are turning a

29 Jul 21

Everything You Need to Know for a Perfect August in Lausanne

With movie screenings, music festivals, and fine dining held outside, August is the open-air month par excellence. Here’s our curated list for your agenda…

21 Jul 21

Favorite Running Paths in & around Lausanne

Whether you’re training for a race or just like to stay active, we’ve rounded up our favorite running paths to hit the pavement (or

15 Jul 21

Five Inspiring Things

A collection of random things that have caught our eye this month; from sustainable local fashion to a must-try recipe, here are five things

09 Jul 21

Serata Italiana: A Summer Evening to Forget

Is there a hand gesture for anno di merda? If restricting your movements and fearing for the future of the human race has left

25 Jun 21

A Summer Evening to Remember

If months of social distancing has taught us anything, it’s to savor the simple pleasure of connection.

08 Jun 21

Solstice in the Park

Let’s gather again.

27 May 21

What We’re Reading, May 2021

When we referenced April’s showers last month, we had no idea what was in store for us during the month of May. Here are

27 May 21

Six Inspiring Things

Sustainable and sleek, small but mighty, here are a few items that are catching our eye this month.

04 May 21

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Save the drama, it’s time for mama. Here’s what we’ve got our eye on for all of those mothers in your lives.

30 Apr 21

Boutique no28

Fall in love with slow shopping at Boutique no28 and find a piece of jewelry or an accessory that you’ll enjoy for years.

29 Apr 21

What We’re Reading, April 2021

Chilling thrillers, laugh-out-loud short stories, emotional deep-dives. We’ve got something for everyone this month on our book list!

26 Apr 21

Royal Bloom

Minimalists abstain. In a world of muted palettes and straight lines, Royal Bloom is a code breaking visual delight.

23 Apr 21

Rediscovering Our Inspiration at Cospire

In 2020 we planned to launch our business. But the year had other plans. Fortunately, we’ve found the perfect place to make up for

19 Apr 21

Six Inspiring Things

From local artwork to insanely smooth gin, there isn’t a set formula for our “Inspiring Things” column.

14 Apr 21

How to Speak “Swiss”

Five expressions even native French speakers need to learn. Entrez seulement!

13 Apr 21

Sole Savaz: the Soul of Sneaker Culture in Lausanne

The sneaker. Is it footwear, equipment, a fashion statement, a cultural phenomenon, or living art? To Olukorede Aiyegbusi and Tyson Lewis, it’s all

25 Mar 21

What We’re Reading, March 2021

Chilling thrillers, laugh-out-loud short stories, emotional deep-dives. We’ve got something for everyone this month on our book list!

20 Mar 21

Viva Frida

For the strong, feminine, fashion-forward woman who cares for details.

05 Mar 21

5 Things to Know Before You Apply for Swiss Citizenship

It’s a famously challenging process, so don’t go in unprepared.

20 Feb 21

Cold Water Swimming: when pain & joy collide

Hate the cold? So did I. Until I realized that it’s here to teach us a lesson or two.