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Best Pizza in Lausanne

January 31, 2024

We never knew that pizza could be so political until we started crowdsourcing favorite pizza spots in Lausanne a few years ago for our tasting adventure with friends. Some are die-hard Neapolitan pizza lovers, others prefer Romano style and some like that greasy NYC slice.

Regardless of what your taste is, the pizza scene here in Lausanne is becoming more dynamic – and we’ve collected our top spots (in no particular order) that are guaranteed to provide some amore one slice at a time.

Forbici Flon

​​A pizza restaurant with an endearing charm, authentic Italian heritage, and a meaningful name. ‘Forbici’ means ‘scissors’ in Italian, a reference to the practice of cutting the Neapolitan-style pizzas they specialize in with scissors to preserve the integrity of the airy crust and delicate toppings.


We couldn’t write about pizza in Lausanne without mentioning Luigia, the 2019 winner of our TLG quest to find the best pizza in Lausanne. Luigia’s combination of traditional Italian methodology and high-quality authentic ingredients ultimately earned their Margherita pizza the crowning glory of our TLG pizza testers. With a wholesome Italian-inspired atmosphere and a genuine love for pizza, Luigia’s is a must-visit for any pizza lover in Lausanne (plus, did we mention there’s a free kids movie theatre?).

Un Po' di Più

Truly a pioneering restaurant in Lausanne, and the first with ‘pizzaiola’ – a female pizza maker. Serena the Pizzaiola is a native of Naples, having moved to Lausanne to oversee the pizzas at Un Po’ di Piú. We’re glad she did, because the Pizza at Un Po’ di Più is really something special. They also offer gluten-free and vegetarian options, as well as a menu catering to all budgets and a ‘drop-in’ friendly policy – making it a truly accessible ‘trattoria’ in Lausanne.

Update: We learned that Serena is no longer there, but their pizzas are still top-notch!

Da Carlo

Our previous reservations about this restaurant were shattered when they surprised us with their incredible pizzas during our taste-testing session a few years ago. With airy, perfectly charred crusts and a soft middle, Da Carlo’s pizza has truly redeemed itself in our eyes. Located in the city center, Da Carlo’s is known to be a favorite of Lausanne professionals working in the city, as well as families in the evening, with a dedicated space for kids to play.

Fratele e Napule

Another Neapolitan pizza specialist, Fratele e Napule is an institution for many Lausanne residents – their cozy interior and down-to-earth approach keep us coming back. Offering both delivery and indoor dining, Fratele e Napule is perfect for those nights when you just need some comfort food.

Daniel Colombini’s pizzeria originally started in 2017, as a small pizza oven installed in his family home, and a desire to connect with his Italian heritage. The architect and designer’s dream has come a long way since then, with pizzas all inspired by Colombini’s Italian family heritage.


Cipollino is a true labor of love – you can taste it in every mouthwatering bite. After spending years perfecting his pizza dough and learning the ins and out of Italian cuisine, the owner, Giovanni, took his skills and started Cipollino (Italian for ‘little onion’ – Giovanni’s childhood nickname). Each pizza tastes and looks like a work of art, which of course, to Giovanni, it is.

The Lacustre

With sweeping panoramic alpine views, wood-fired pizzas, and a relaxed, affable atmosphere, The Lacustre is easily one of our all-time favorite places to come grab a bite to eat. Their thin-crust pizzas are perfectly crispy and come with exceptional topping combinations – well worth a visit no matter the season.

Chez Mario

Chez Mario is an old favorite – started in 1958, the ambiance here reflects this history with a heartening heritage feel, the walls scrawled with sharpie notes from happy customers. In our previous tasting of Chez Mario during our search for the best pizza in Lausanne, we concluded that their pizza was a little chewy, but ultimately worth it for the more than generous cheesy toppings!


As occasionally homesick Americans, slice pizza has our hearts! Their classic American-style pizzas are deliciously comforting, and with gluten-free and vegan options available in a wide range of sizes and prices, they’ve got something for everyone.


Domani is a result of years of dreaming and community crowdfunding. The first Neapolitan pizzeria in Lausanne with a focus on sustainable sourcing by using 100% local and organic ingredients, their core values reflect a desire to minimize waste and create pizza while respecting the environment.

Bufala Pizzeria

"A little corner of Naples in Lausanne." Neopolitan-style pizzas, salads, arancini, and a selection of desserts make up this restaurant which has been open for a few years now. You'll find classics on the menu as well as more innovative twists - but one thing is certain, the pizza will always be well cooked.

Histoire Sans Faim

At Histoire Sans Faim, the central focus besides the playful and colorful back wall is the huge wood-fired pizza oven. With an emphasis on long fermentation, high-quality ingredients, and a pizzaiolo that's experienced with a turning peel, these pizzas are the star of the menu.