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Histoire Sans Faim

December 8, 2023

In The Neverending Story, a monkey named Argax tells Bastian that the city of Lost Emperors is filled with people who used up their wishes and memories trying to gain power, emphasizing, "Without a past, you can't have a future." And perhaps this is too much of a stretch, but we love finding connections and meaning in just about everything, including this quote and the new Lausanne restaurant: Histoire Sans Faim.

When you sound it out, do you hear the pun? Histoire Sans Fin/Faim is indeed a playful nod to this beloved childhood classic The Neverending Story, and behind the new restaurant are none other than the brothers who brought Inglewood to Lausanne. With a past in running a burger franchise, they grew up...and looked to the future - a new concept that not only served top-notch food and drinks but specifically catered to families. Because having kids should not mean you have to miss out on quality dining experiences, and they came to find that out first-hand.

back wall

At Histoire Sans Faim, the central focus besides the playful and colorful back wall is the huge wood-fired pizza oven. With an emphasis on long fermentation, high-quality ingredients, and a pizzaiolo that's experienced with a turning peel, these pizzas are the star of the menu. You'll also find a large variety of mouthwatering entrées and plates of pasta, plus a kids' menu with bunny pizza margheritas, steak, and chicken nuggets you'll actually want a bite of (they're so damn good).

pizza oven

On the shelves are original VHSs from the '80s and '90s - board games and books that all nod to our generation - what Gen Zers may find retro, we smile and are taken back. To see it not just used as a token piece of decor, but incorporated into their branding, celebrated, and put on full display -- we couldn't help but feel proud. Proud of our past, and proud of our future. One that includes great food, beautiful decor, and a place where we won't be judged for our side parts and skinny jeans.


TLG Tips:

-Reservations are highly recommended and can be done easily online.

-There's a cute kids' corner in the back with a glass viewing window into the kitchen so children can watch the chefs in action.

-Don't have a family? Not a millennial? It's ok ;) This place is for everyone and worth the visit - good food and good vibes should be enjoyed by all.

Histoire Sans Faim



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