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Un Po' di Più Trattoria

May 28, 2021

Maybe it was the colorful deco and beautifully painted walls. Maybe it was the way the effervescent bubbles of the Prosecco hit our tongues.

Was it the music, the painting consecrating Roger Federer, the Monica Lisa, or the pasta wall of fame? Or perhaps it was chef Ugo’s family-inspired slow-cooked lamb ragu and hand-stuffed deep-fried paccheri. Whatever it was, our experience at Un Po' di Più left us wanting “a little bit more,” just as its name promises.

wall of fame

The opening of Un Po’ di Più has been one of the most highly anticipated in our circles for several reasons. The team behind this Italian trattoria has brought the city and its surrounding regions some of the most innovative and energetic establishments. Jasmine, known for bringing creative charisma and hospitality know-how to every project she’s a part of, has joined forces with the dynamic duo Cedric and Matthias of Le Pointu and Loxton to create a gathering place in the literal heart of the city. With this trio behind the helm, it’s safe to assume that when you walk into Un Po’ di Più, you’re going to be taken care of.


And if you’re rolling your eyes and wondering why another Italian resto is opening in Lausanne, then we urge you even more to give Un Po’ di Più a try. You won’t find steak dishes or expensive fish on the menu, rather a highly curated list of antipasti, hand-made pastas, Neapolitan pizzas (made by Lausanne’s first pizzaiolA nonetheless), wine and cocktails at accessible price points for even the most budget-conscious. And let us assure you that being accessible in terms of price doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or taste–when it comes to authentic flavors, the head chef, Ugo doesn’t hold back.


The fried artichoke ‘nduja bruschetta topped with Stracciatella cheese was a spicy, creamy, crunchy slice of heaven. The simple yet sophisticated cacio e pepe held its own, the white truffle pasta was an indulgent medley of earthy flavors and cooked to al dente perfection, and the squid ink linguini with octopus and lemon-crusted croutons was worth every lip-staining bite. But the showstopper for many of us was his family recipe: the lamb ragu. Hearty and fulfilling—it tasted like home. Regardless of where you come from or where you’ve established your roots, each bite brought a sense of comfort that many of us long for in a dish. It was, in every sense of the word, satisfying.

cacio pepe

And if the food, the ambiance, the price points, and the people aren’t enough, Un Po’ di Più wants to be a spot that focuses on gathering and sharing, for special occasions or just a spontaneous meet up with friends. That’s right, you read that correctly: spontaneity in the restaurant scene of Lausanne. Un Po’ di Più is keen to keep a handful of tables open for walk-ins. So, no need to open your Filofax and plan out your next month, no need to call and get on a waitlist, this is a place that will welcome you with gusto, with or without reservations, and leave you craving just a little bit, or maybe a lot more for your next visit.

Un Po' di Più Trattoria

Rue du Tunnel 1, 1005 Lausanne

021 320 06 06

Monday – Thursday 11:30 – 23:00

Friday – Saturday 11:30 – 00:00

Sunday closed