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La Vaudaire

June 11, 2024

This lakeside restaurant has passed through many eras of confused identities and menus, relying on its picturesque location to draw customers but offering very little in return. But now, after years of walking past this restaurant and wishing it could be more, it has finally happened: La Vaudaire has been taken into caring and experienced hands and we are beyond excited for this new chapter.

Following an extensive selection process initiated last June 2023, the City of Lausanne chose the Fine Artisans Group to take the helm of La Vaudaire. Known for some of our favorite spots in town like Lausanne Cocktail Club, L'Appart, and the newest American sports bar, Montana’s, La Vaudaire has been infused with a unique charm, incorporating playful and gorgeous details nodding to Lac Léman. And who’s behind the details? The fact that you walk in and are completely blown away by the transformation can only mean one thing: it has experienced the magic touch of Jasmine Gfeller and the rest of the team.

Jasmine Gfeller

Known for her creative direction for Lausanne’s trendiest establishments, like Un Po’ di Più, La Parada, and Montana’s, and recently being named one of Bilan’s 40 entrepreneurs under 40, Jasmine, along with her right-hand woman Romane Gétaz, have created a space where diners are invited to escape on a delightful visual and culinary journey. With the help of the discerning eye and talent of self-taught artist, Kim Straehler, who does everything from color coding to designing and painting the murals and frescoes on the ceilings and walls, the interior is creative and colorful -- with old fishing boats, and illustrated perch hanging playfully from the wooden beams, it’s one of those restaurants that makes the decision to sit inside or outside difficult. But the expansive terrace on both floors, colorful parasols, and lakeside views beckon you on those sunnier days, perhaps ordering one more Swiss Spritz (made with local Jaya Prosecco and Giselle) too. But being spoiled for choice doesn’t end with the décor.

mermaid tail deco
Interior: Boat

At the culinary helm are two experienced chefs who are putting La Vaudaire on the gastronomic map. Head chef Sebastien Rauch, known for his time working in Michelin-Starred restaurants like Marius et Janette in Paris, Joël Robuchon’s L’Atelier in Tokyo, and more local establishments like the Beau Rivage Palace, Château d’Ouchy, and Restaurant Gerber Wyss, is bringing a Swiss-Japanese fusion to some of the dishes and we are here for it. Pops of locally-made miso, sansho pepper, wasabi, and shiso vinegar are beautifully incorporated into ceviche from the lake, or refreshing gazpacho using tomatoes from Bremblens. And sous-cheffe Amadine Hussenot, who spent a number of years cooking in several luxury French estates and then later joined l’Appart, which after only six months in business was awarded a 14 in the Gault&Millau guide, is now adding her expertise to La Vaudaire. With these two joining forces, they bring forth approachable, delicious dishes without compromising creativity.


The menu focuses on local fare that, as far as we know, has never been seen in the Lemanic region. Instead of lobster rolls, La Vaudaire’s star is écrivisses rolls from Lac Léman, caught fresh daily and brought in from a local fisherman named Francois. Made on a beautiful brioche bun by Les Frouzes, and topped with spicy mayo with a side of coleslaw, it’s a must-try that you simply cannot find anywhere else. The other star of the show may seem simple but brings us (and our tastebuds) joy nonetheless: the rotisserie herb-crusted chicken with jus de volaille (the jus!). Succulent, cooked to absolute perfection, and with a side salad and roasted potatoes, it’s one of those ‘if it isn’t broken don’t fix it’ meals that we know and love.


And as if the menu, the ambiance, and the location (parents, it’s literally next to a park in front of the lake) aren’t enough – La Vaudaire will also be opening a small snack shop called Cabane aux Delices attached next door, selling local Labo Ice cream (alongside the global ice cream favorites we know and love), candy, wine, beer, other treats for those in a hurry or just passing by.

mermaid mural

Timeless yet rejuvenated, La Vaudaire is ready to write a new chapter in Vidy's storied history, and we are so excited to witness and be a part of its first wave of guests. We’re pretty sure you’ll be seeing us hanging lakeside a bit more this year, Swiss Spritz in hand bien sûr.

La Vaudaire

Chemin du Camping 7

1007 Lausanne


10h00 à 24h00

+41 21 512 41 11