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The Best Burgers in Lausanne

May 17, 2024

Though the humble hamburger is a fairly straight-forward dish, somehow so many establishments get it wrong. Easy to make, but difficult to perfect, the burger is a polarizing subject amongst many. That's why we've collected our favorite spots to eat the best burgers in Lausanne - with our signature TLG orders for each restaurant. Ready to drool? Here we go.



Creative concoctions, high-quality beef, and an atmosphere that doesn’t try too hard (in the best of ways), Zooburger is one of our default go-tos for burgers here in Lausanne. In the warmer months, we like to snag a table outside and watch passersby on the cobblestoned streets of Rue Marterey. They also have second location on Avenue de l’Elysée.

TLG Pick: The Mafioso


ingelwood burger

Maybe it’s the Californian in us, but we can’t help but love that one of their most popular burgers is called the ‘Pasadena.’ Friendly and casual atmosphere with respect for the quality of products, it’s tough to go wrong when you order a burger at Inglewood. Not into beef? The fried chicken burger is Also, look out for their “Burger of the Month” – which usually highlights seasonal products.

TLG Pick: The Pasadena, but add jalapenos

Five Guys

five guys
©Five Guys

We know, we know…it’s an American chain. And while our wallets are scandalized by the dissonance in price between our visit to Five Guys in USA versus here, we must say: it’s so worth it. The perfectly toasted sesame bun, the hand-formed crispy-on-the-outside juicy-on-the-inside patties, and the limitless toppings…oof, is it lunchtime yet?

TLG Pick: The Little Cheeseburger with mayo, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, grilled onions, jalapenos, & ketchup, plus Cajun-style fries.

Le NonStop

nonstop burger
©Le NonStop

While technically not in Lausanne, it’s a special spot that’s worth the short travel to neighboring village Lutry. Hiding in a cobblestoned alleyway in the historic center, its vintage-retro atmosphere with USA relics parading the walls makes it a fun and delicious pitstop. The menu is also refreshingly affordable.

TLG Pick: The Non-Stop Burger, but with sweet potato fries

Holy Cow!

holy cow burger
©Holy Cow!

Though it’s evolved since the early days when it was a small shop on Rue Marterey, Holy Cow! is a cult-favorite here in Lausanne for students and professionals alike. With its ‘fast-food’ but locally sourced model, it’s a Swiss chain that we’re proud to say was born right here in Lausanne.

TLG Pick: Elvis Blue Cheese

The Green Van Company

green van burger
©The Green Van Company

What started as a Citroën HY turned food truck now exists as brick-and-mortar restaurants in Lausanne Flon, Crissier, and Geneva. Their menu is less conventional and much more creative, but they of course give you the option to customize your burger according to your tastes. Look out for the burger of the month, which usually highlights local and seasonal ingredients. And look out for the green van – the food truck still graces local festivals and events!

TLG Pick: The Pulled Beef


down town burger

We all know about their pancakes, but Downtowns’s lunch and dinner scene should also be celebrated – especially their artisanal burgers. With their attention to regional producers and high-quality Swiss beef, it’s tough to resist one of their several burger offerings. The best part? They’ve got extra suggestions so you can customize it according to your tastes- add some Harissa for a spicy kick, or pickled beetroot for an extra zing. They are also working on a gluten-free bun, perfecting the recipe in-house.

TLG Pick: Cheeseburger with bacon and jalapeño sour cream

The Great Escape

great escape
©The Great Escape

No burger list would be complete without a stop at the Great Escape. Our love for the burgers can only be rivalled by our love for the fries. With beef, chicken and vegetarian options, a lively and relaxed atmosphere, and friendly staff, it’s a place to come whether or not you’re watching the live games aired on the screens throughout. A huge outdoor terrace also makes it a fun spot for the whole family.

TLG Pick: The CBO

The Lacustre

la custre

The sister restaurant to The Great Escape (same owner), The Lacustre carries the same kind of relaxed atmosphere but takes it to a whole new level with its lakeside location. There’s only one burger on the menu, but that’s all you need. Order a large beer and enjoy your burger with a view of the lakes and Alps. Here you feel like you’re on holiday, even if it’s your hometown.

TLG Pick: Cheesy Burger with the frites maison

Brasserie La Bavaria

bavaria burger

Step back in time – like way back as in the 1880s – by walking into this iconic Lausanne restaurant on Petit Chêne. While the menu boasts local specialties with an elevated twist, it’s no wonder their house burger is mouth-wateringly gorgeous. With caramelized onions made with Paulaner beer and local ingredients, including home-made bread from the Bread Store, it’s definitely worth the slightly steep price tag .

TLG Pick: Burger 100% de l’arc lémanique

Black Tap

Black Tap

No need to drive to Geneva anymore to sample some of these famous burgers now available in Lausanne on Rue Enning. Founded in 2015 in NYC, we originally had to go ALL THE WAY to Geneva 😉 to get our Black Tap fix. And as of this week, you just have to go to Rue Enning. No reservations, simple (and freaking delicious) straightforward menu, CrazyShake™️ milkshakes, craft beers, amazing playlist (yes that was us bopping our heads to some Eminem today), great service, crowded as it should be.

TLG Pick: Crispy Chicken Burger with fries and T-Mayo (T stands for truffle)



One of the newer burger spots in town, with two locations now, Smaggy has an odd-sounding name but it represents the type of burger we love the most: a smashed burger. The pattie isn’t served thick but crushed cold on the hot griddle creating a very thin, crispy caramelized crust due to ‘thermal shock’ yet remains juicy inside. They even serve brunch over the weekend.

TLG Pick: The Smash Truffle with sweet potato fries

Shed Burgers

shed burger

Locally-minded, globally-conscious, and just about damn near perfect, Shed Burgers have figured out how to craft insanely succulent and savory hamburgers. Everything from the bun to the patties to the toppings rings of intentionality and purpose. Every time we would go to Verbier, we eat their burgers and every time we finish eating, we ask them when they are coming to Lausanne. Guess what?
They are officially open! It may not *technically* be Lausanne, but we are willing to make an exception. Smash burgers and triple-cooked fries await!. Several different french fries to choose from, and the home-made sauces (did someone say jalapeño and parmesan mayo?!) make it hard to choose. A

TLG Pick: Doherty with both chili & parsley fries and sweet potato fries + jalapeño & parmesan mayo



It's famous for its super crispy chicken burger, as you can tell by the name. With locations in Geneva and Paris, lucky for us they just opened a physical shop in the Flon. Try their rosti fries and all.the.sauces. Also free refills on their drinks! Just be prepared, with the amazing price points and super fresh flavors, you'll be waiting in a long line to get the goods. It's worth it.

TLG Pick: Just go classic Crrsp - it's 12.90 CHF and so damn good.

The Standard Burger

the standard burger
©The Standard Burger

Deliver or Pickup available from 18h-22h, the newest smash burger in Lausanne. Their moto "Par des Lausannois, pour des Lausannois, Avec des fournisseurs Lausannois." Cant get more Lausannois than that. Have you had a chance to try it yet? Disclaimer: it is SO new, we’ve yet to try it personally, but have heard from foodie friends that it’s legit and it being one of the first restaurants using this (American burger) method, we can’t help but believe it’s the real deal.


Think we missed one of the best burgers in Lausanne? Let us know!

This article was originally published on March 29, 2022 and updated in 2024.