Tempo Design Store

February 12, 2024

Tucked away on Rue du Midi, between the hustle and bustle of St. Francois just above, and the chaotic Lausanne gare just below, Tempo Design Store emerges as a beacon of sophistication, slow living, and natural elegance.

Described as a 'Natural Lifestyle Store' and 'High-End Craft Furniture Showroom,' Pablo de Pinho has masterfully created a harmonious fusion of curated fashion, handmade furniture, and impeccable design, offering a unique retail experience.


Tempo Design Store’s commitment to redefining retail is evident in its dual concept – a 'Furniture Showroom' Division and a 'Mastermade Goods' Division. The former showcases an exquisite collection of high-end craft furniture, featuring iconic designs from renowned architects and designers. Pierre Jeanneret chairs and sofas by Phantom Hands, Poul Henningsen lamps by Louis Poulsen, and Børge Mogensen chairs by Fredericia stand as a testament to the store's dedication to timeless craftsmanship, spanning from the 1940s to contemporary masterpieces.

On the other hand, the Mastermade Goods Division introduces a captivating array of clothing from Japan and select European brands, all crafted with raw fibers and botanical hand-dyed processes. Lichen Goods, a Spanish brand, employs botanical dyes, while Buaisou cultivates its indigo plants in Toskushima, producing organic indigo fermented dyes for their garments. Samurai Cotton Project from Osaka grows organic cotton, using natural pigments like black bean and chestnut for their loopwheel garments.


The essence of Tempo Design Store lies in its new-wave retail approach, meticulously curating every element of the store – from interior design and lighting fixtures to carpets, mirrors, and shelving. This holistic approach extends to carefully selected clothing and accessories, embracing brands that bridge the gap between fashion and furniture, such as Hender Scheme's collaborations with Danish furniture brands FRAMA and Vitsoe.


Tempo Design Store is a treasure trove of discovery for those seeking a unique lifestyle store dedicated to natural materials and the beauty of slow-living. From the Japanese artistry in clothing to the Scandinavian grace in furniture, Tempo Design Store promises a sensory journey that transcends the ordinary, making it a must-visit destination in Lausanne's vibrant retail landscape.

Tempo Design Store

Rue du Midi 11

Lausanne, Switzerland