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The Sweet Sage

December 3, 2023

The most challenging dilemma you'll face upon entering Sweet Sage is figuring out how to consume such a beautiful work of art.

However, as soon as you summon the courage to dip your spoon into the exquisite pastry, and as the myriad of flavors, textures, and aromas envelop your senses, any lingering doubts will dissipate. You'll be filled with confidence, assured that you made the right choice. These culinary masterpieces demand to be savored.

Chocolate truffle

Nestled in the heart of Lausanne's Rotillon district, The Sweet Sage isn't just a patisserie; it's a serene sanctuary where indulgence meets well-being. Opened in mid-October by the delightful duo of Alix Marin and Thibaut Honajzer, former pastry chef of the esteemed Restaurant Anne-Sophie Pic at the Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne, this elegant space exudes comfort and charm.

chocolate bricks
reading corner

Stepping into The Sweet Sage feels like entering a sweet haven, carefully crafted for tranquility. Alix welcomes guests with such kindness and knowledge, while Thibaut, the 29-year-old Auvergne native, just in the open workshop next to us, weaves his culinary magic inspired by childhood memories and a commitment to natural ingredients.


Citron Meringuee

The charm of The Sweet Sage lies in its celebration of herbs and nature, evident in everything from the thirty herbal teas to the desserts that grace the window. The name itself, a nod to a shared moment between Thibaut and Alix involving a sage infusion, reflects the personal touch woven into the fabric of this pastry haven.


Thibaut's creations are a testament to his sensitivity and artistry. Childhood memories come to life in delightful offerings like the rice pudding, inspired by his mother's recipe, emphasizing vanilla and rice.

In a city that is consistently growing and innovating and becoming more dynamic, The Sweet Sage stands out as a haven for those seeking a delicate balance between indulgence and well-being. Alix and Thibaut invite you to savor their delightful menu, the warmth of their hospitality, and the artistry that transforms a pastry shop into a transcendent experience. The Sweet Sage is not just a culinary destination; it's an ode to the harmony of flavors and the joy found in savoring life's sweet moments.

The Sweet Sage

Rue du Flon 12, 1003 Lausanne

+41 21 626 02 02

Du Mardi au Vendredi : 10h00 – 19h00
Samedi : 09h00 – 18h00
Dimanche : 10h00 – 16h00