May 26, 2024

To the casual observer, they might seem like just sandals. But spend ten minutes with Paula, the heart and soul behind Shoppingtherapy, and you’ll understand why they are so much more.

“It’s about the people who wear them, how they feel in them, and where they go,” she shared during our visit to her latest pop-up in Lausanne. Paula’s stories are filled with heartfelt connections, as she fondly remembers each person who walks in her sandals. She even recounts messages from delighted customers, complete with travel photos featuring their feet adorned in her creations. As she shares these stories, it’s clear they bring her to the brink of tears, her joy palpable and infectious.

KASTELORIZO in black leather, photo by Kate Schurch
KASTELORIZO in black leather, photo by Kate Schurch

Skeptical? You might roll your eyes at the idea of someone crying tears of happiness over sandals. But consider this: when life and work achieve that perfect harmony, wouldn’t a little joyful tear be understandable? This is Paula’s reality. Her company, Shoppingtherapy, founded in 2015, is a testament to the beauty of when work and life hit that sweet spot.

SERIFOS slim in bronze leather, photo by Kate Schurch
SERIFOS slim in bronze leather, photo by Kate Schurch
SIFNOS in Pastel Blue nubuk, photo by Kate Schurch
SIFNOS in Pastel Blue nubuk, photo by Kate Schurch

Hailing from Brazil, Paula has always been immersed in the world of design and fashion. She studied design at university and gained diverse experience as a model, in retail, advertising, and product development. On travels with her husband, she would bring back exquisite souvenirs that caught the eyes of her friends, who soon began making special requests. Her sandals, acquired during Greek summers, were a particular hit. “I had an idea—one that stayed in the drawer but in the back of my mind slowly growing,” she reminisced.


In 2015, discontent with her corporate job and an unpleasant work situation pushed her to pursue her passion. She realized it was time to go the extra mile for herself. Four months later, Shoppingtherapy was born, and next June 2025, it will celebrate a decade of success.

sandals on display

Paula is hands-on in every aspect of her business. She oversees photoshoots, manages the website, and designs the sandals. She collaborates with a Greek artisan named Isidoros, who humorously admits that some of her ideas seemed crazy at first. Being his first wholesale customer, Paula holds a special place in his heart, as their businesses have grown together. “Sometimes we go through 3 or 4 prototypes and if it’s still not what I want or what I was envisioning, we start again,” Paula explains, her perfectionism evident in the impeccable quality and design of her shoes. This season, she’s excited to introduce 35 new references, including beloved classics and a few new designs.


So, how do we justify buying another pair of sandals? Our first pair, nearly a decade old, remains sturdy. But surely, our summer wardrobe could use a refresh, right? Our feet deserve it. And supporting a small business where the creator genuinely delights in sharing her products with Lausanne and the world makes each purchase all the more worthwhile.

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