Eat & Drink

Pyxis Café

December 7, 2023

Elevating the vegetarian dining scene in Lausanne, Pyxis Café has opened within the storied walls of the former MUDAC museum, one of the city's most striking historic buildings.

This café is not just about the meal; it’s a feast for the senses, offering breathtaking views of the shimmering lake and the cityscape on one side, and the majestic medieval cathedral on the other.


Julia Christ, renowned for her ability to breathe new life into spaces, and a friend of The Lausanne Guide, has worked her magic again. The café’s interior is as impressive as the views out its windows. The ambiance melds historical charm with modern sophistication, perfect for indulging in the café's culinary offerings.


At the forefront of the experience is an upscale, creative vegetarian menu crafted by the synergy between Camille Chapuis and chef Thomas Boutin. Their collaboration elevates simple, seasonal ingredients with dishes offering a journey of flavor that pushes the envelope of plant-based cuisine.

Pyxis Café

Pl. de la Cathédrale 6, 1005 Lausanne

021 512 22 35