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December 6, 2023

It was completely packed, electric, buzzing - tables full of conversations and arms reaching across to take a bite, grab a dip, try a scoop. The concept of a wine bar and bistro, with a small menu of plates to share, is becoming more popular here in Lausanne, and we can certainly see why.

Pif' is the latest addition to Lausanne's culinary scene, where the expertise of seasoned wine merchant Bastian Raimont (Cave Raimont Père & Fils) meets the culinary finesse of Chef Gabriel Brucker (formerly from Jacques). Inspired by Raimont's familial connection to winemaking, Pif' is a testament to his passion for wine.


The bistro's charm lies in its small, frequently changing menu, curated by Chef Brucker, offering seasonal and refined dishes. The focus is on sharing plates, encouraging guests to explore diverse flavors and wine pairings throughout the evening.

Pif' boasts a carefully selected array of predominantly French wines which, if you wish, you can wander back to La Cave to choose your bottles, complemented by expert guidance from Raimont and Chef Brucker.

La Cave

Our culinary journey included fresh oysters, velvety hummus with huile de ciboul, a rich os a moelle gratiné with chimichurri sauce, and the pièce de résistance—Frogola Sarde made with truffles and 'young' wine.

bone marrow

In essence, Pif' is more than a wine bar; it's a celebration of exceptional wines and gourmet cuisine in a simple and familial environment. For those seeking a dynamic dining experience that tells a story with every sip and bite, Pif' stands as Lausanne's latest culinary hotspot.


Av. Tissot 2, 1006 Lausanne

Tuesday - Friday: 5pm-11pm

076 459 44 09