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June 18, 2024

There was hardly a place to stand when we entered, but that didn’t stop us from feeling welcomed. A solo diner moved from his two-top to accommodate us, and a few other diners scrunched and squished, elbows touching, appetites climbing as the back kitchen fulfilled orders. NLEE is small, but its menu packs a punch full of flavors providing a fusion between China, Cambodia, and the US.

The name is pronounced “En-Lee”, a play on the chef and manager Ny and the one and only Bruce Lee. It also echoes the playful twists on traditional favorites – many that you’ll have to ask about as there are just too many dishes and not enough time (or space in our stomachs).


And though the menu is somewhat vast (read: one cannot simply visit once because there are so many drool-worthy dishes to try), today’s mission had one thing in mind: the infamous Sino Roll. With Bruce Lee looking down on us from above (literally), the Sino Roll made its way to our table, and it was time to roll up our sleeves and grab a few extra napkins.


Made with Bread Store brioche toast and packed generously with a choice of chicken or pork, salad, Asian coleslaw, and a spicy ‘NLEE’ sauce, it was an explosion of flavor in every bite. They’ve even thought through the tiniest details: like leaving the brioche uncut at the bottom to allow all the good stuff to stay inside until the last bite.

sino roll

Paired with some homemade iced tea, the meal was a special experience worth the detour to the Pontaise neighborhood.

Bruce Lee

So, if you’re looking to try something different, something delicious, and aren’t afraid of getting messy, roll up those sleeves and head to NLEE. We’ll be back to try the bao buns but need to bring more people so we have an excuse to order all.of.the.things.

exterior NLEE


Rue de la Pontaise 27 1018 Lausanne

021 646 26 20

Tues-Friday 11h30 - 14h / 18h - 21H30
⁠weekend 11h30 - 22h CUISINE NON-STOP