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Master the Craft of Cocktails with Le Vestibule's Ateliers

by Natalie Mazhindu Sandock

November 28, 2023

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever crossed my path that I’m a fan of a cocktail (or two).

I love the interesting flavor combinations, vibrant colors, and sense of decadent indulgence that infuses all the best drinks. Consuming a beautifully crafted concoction from a beautifully crafted glass also gives an air of elegance one cannot replicate clutching a pint of cider in a beer garden.

learning about cocktails

Recently, I decided to move on from merely gazing at, talking about, and sipping on fancy drinks by attending a cocktail workshop Le Vestibule, one of my favorite bars in Lausanne. The award-winning Le Vestibule Speakeasy & Cocktail Bar was established back in early 2020 and the fact it is still going strong is a testament to its high-quality drinks, vintage décor, and friendly service.

natalie mixing cocktails

The workshop is delivered by one of their many talented bartenders who gave us an overview of the different types of cocktails and explained the key elements that go into creating the perfect drink. He shared top tips on how to create and store our own homemade ingredients and advised on everything from mixing and shaking to garnishes. Then, we each got to mix one of our own cocktails. Another cocktail mixed by the experts to enjoy after the workshop is also included.


The session took place just before opening one evening and lasted about an hour. It was a fun and interesting evening, though having discovered how tiring it is to properly shake a cocktail, I may continue allowing others to mix them for me in future…


Workshops can be arranged for a private group or you can attend one of the pre-organized events featured on their website. They are done in French.