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Mangiobevo Moves to Flon

February 23, 2024

In an exciting move that has elevated the accessibility of authentic Italian gastronomy in Lausanne, Mangiobevo has recently relocated to a more central spot, nestled right in the heart of the vibrant Flon district. This relocation not only marks a significant milestone for the renowned Italian epicerie and foccaceria but also promises an enhanced experience for devoted patrons and newcomers alike.

Mangiobevo has always been synonymous with quality, offering an array of delectable sandwiches, focaccias, and aperitif boxes that have captured the palates of food enthusiasts since 2017. Now, with its strategic move to the Flon, Mangiobevo positions itself as a culinary beacon, making it even easier for Lausannois to indulge in the authentic flavors of Italy.

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Situated in the new areas off Esplanade du Flon and conveniently across from the Metropole, Mangiobevo's new location is strategically placed to cater to the diverse tastes of Lausanne's food aficionados. The shop's surroundings in the Flon district, known for its lively atmosphere and cultural events, add an extra layer of charm to the Mangiobevo experience.


Visitors can expect a delightful journey through Italian gastronomy, featuring an exquisite selection of charcuterie, delicatessen meats, cheeses, and mouth-watering preserves. The relocation brings with it an expanded menu, introducing hot dishes and fresh pasta options like lasagne and parmigiana, elevating the takeaway experience to new heights of deliciousness.

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The charm of Mangiobevo lies not just in its culinary offerings but also in the invitation it extends to patrons – an invitation to immerse themselves in the true essence of Italian gastronomy. Whether it's savoring their beloved focaccias or exploring the expanded menu, Mangiobevo invites everyone to relish the authentic flavors of Italy in the heart of Lausanne's Flon.

Alessio, founder of Mangiobevo

The move symbolizes not just a change in location but a culinary evolution, where Mangiobevo continues to share the richness of Italian cuisine with the community, creating a space where each bite tells a story of tradition, passion, and exquisite taste.


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