Eat & Drink

Where to Shop & Eat around Lausanne for the Lunar New Year

by Sophie Zhao

February 8, 2024

Lunar New Year begins February 10th and this year is a big one - the Year of the Dragon! Also called the Spring Festival 春节 in China, these New Year celebrations last up to 16 days and are the most important holiday for those living in many Asian countries. This is a time spent with family and loved ones – delicious food is key.

As a holiday with many special traditions (and specific superstitions), lucky foods you can enjoy to bring prosperity for the Lunar New Year include longevity noodles, rice cakes, dumplings, fish, spring rolls, sweet rice balls, and lucky fruits.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, local Swiss Chinese artist Catherine Olivia Pearson (whose work you may have already seen at Bô Noël, Lausanne Lumières, and Lausanne Sur Mer) and I have collaborated to create a 2024 Year of the Dragon Wall Scroll Calendar, a nostalgic project that celebrates and empowers our inner child.

chinese new year calendar

Below is a list of Catherine and my favorite Asian restaurants and shops in the Lausanne area, where you can shop and eat delicious foods this weekend (and beyond!) to bring you prosperity for this new year:

Kung-fu Cuisine 功夫小厨 | authentic Chinese restaurant

Tucked in the corner of Avenue de Tivoli and Pont Chauderon, this restaurant is our favorite Chinese spot in Lausanne. They offer a variety of flavors and have an amazing selection for spicy food lovers. You’ll find classic Chinese dishes (roast duck, mapo tofu) as well as homemade noodles and dumplings. I trusted it immediately as the restaurant was full of Chinese university students. Authentic and great value, make sure to reserve.

Tang Roulou | Chinese hot pot restaurant

You haven’t had real “fondue chinoise” until you've had Chinese hot pot, Tang Roulou’s specialty. They serve authentic Chinese hot pot and have a selection of soup bases (of all spice levels) and a sauce bar with all the toppings you need. They also serve all the classic Chinese dishes so everyone will be sure to find options on the menu! (read the TLG review)

Mika 美佳 | Chinese-owned grocery shop

Along the small roads of Rotillon, you’ll find Mika. Stocked with my favorite sauces and stacks of instant ramen, this shop makes me feel at home and specializes in Chinese goods. The owner is Shanghainese and gives her candid advice anytime I’m trying to recreate one of my mom’s recipes. And if you’re planning your own hotpot, they carry all the ingredients!

Asia Kim Dung | Vietnamese-owned grocery shop

Tucked behind Coop City steps away from Rippone, Asia Kim Dung is a hidden gem with a great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables upstairs and a lower floor stocked full of every sauce and spice you could need. I always leave with something!

And a little bonus for you if you’re ever in Bern:

căntin eatery | Vietnamese eatery

Located in Bern’s old town, this was such a cool place to discover. Warm up with a cozy bowl of phở and don’t miss the Vietnamese drip coffee with condensed milk. Their neon “have you eaten?” sign brings an extra smile to my face each time.

Most of these wonderful gems have the 2024 Year of the Dragon scroll calendar hanging in their space and are available to purchase at a special rate of 20 CHF (Tang Roulou just has one on display). You can purchase the calendar at one of these spots or use the code TLGFRIEND at for 10% off online.