Lausanne Life Hacks

November 13, 2023

Whether you're a born and bred Lausannois, a long-time adoptive native (like us) or fresh off the plane and still getting your bearings, there are always little known secrets that make life here easier, cheaper, or more enjoyable. We asked our TLG Contributors if they had any to share, so without further ado, here are a few 'Lausanne life hacks':

Arti: If you’re traveling and flying on Swiss or Lufthansa and using the train to get to the airport, you can check in your bags at Lausanne station (or even get them picked up from your home address depending on where you live). SBB partners with a company called AirPortr that takes care of both your luggage transport and also automatically checks you in, so when you get to the airport, you head straight to security relatively hands-free (because #kids). When my son was a baby in a stroller, this was a game changer for all trips.

Natalie M.S.: Use the Too Good to Go app to pick up bargains (supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants, florists, cafés) – mystery bags of stuff that would otherwise be thrown away. The app is easy to use and sends you notifications of food in your location that can be picked up at a fraction of the cost. Save money, cut food waste, eat local – what’s better than that?

HayleyPriority lane security pass at Geneva airport. Did you know for only 10 chf you can get access to the priority lane, skipping the wrap-around traditional lines at security? It’s available for all flights and destinations, and you can get it sent directly to your phone for ease. During heavy travel periods, this cheap ‘upgrade’ can save you a lot of time, schlepping, and unnecessary stress.

Marc: Know in advance that you’ll be taking the train somewhere? Make sure to check and see if there’s a ‘Supersaver’ option that sometimes offers discounts of up to 70% off – including 1st class! You can check online or via your SBB app to see if there are any supersaver tickets available. The earlier you check, the more supersaver tickets are available. Make sure to note that once you buy the supersaver ticket, you HAVE to get on that specific train at that specific time.

Valentina: Did you know that you can send a personalized postcard to friends and family every single day via the Swiss Post FOR FREE? There’s a Postcard Creator App you can download, then select the best photo, and create personal text, then La Poste takes care of the printing, mailing, and delivery of the physical postcard to your recipients’ mailboxes. You can send one for free every 24 hours. What a fun way to send snail mail and surprise those you love here in Switzerland.

Nix: Go to Anibis for all things second-hand. I’m a thrifty Brit, and I love how you can find really good quality second-hand items for a fraction of the ‘as new’ price. I’ve got a lot of furniture and ski gear that way. A little advice – for ski gear look immediately after Christmas (when people have treated themselves to an upgrade and have limited storage space) as well as at the end of the ski season when people are buying sale-price equipment (leaving their used gear redundant and ready for a new home!)