Family Fun with FC Lausanne Sport

by Clara Jannet

March 21, 2024

A few weekends ago, we went to the relatively new Tuilière stadium to cheer on Lausanne’s very own soccer team, FC Lausanne-Sport. While they have an agenda packed with different activities each weekend, we had the pleasure of checking out one of their family matches, which was an absolute delight.


LS has a relatively new stadium. Completed in 2020 after three years of construction and replacing the historic Olympic Stadium of La Pontaise (the club’s home field since the 1950s), the Stade de La Tuilière can hold up to over 12,000 fans and fulfills the requirements of the Champion’s League (never give up hope!). It is built “English style” which means that the fans are in close proximity to the field. La Tuilière is in the northern part of Lausanne but is easily accessible with public transportation. From the main train station, the stadium is a mere 20-minute bus ride (lines 1, 20, and 21 for anyone wondering!). You are dropped off literally in front of the beautiful new stadium.

bouncy castles

As we rode the bus towards the stadium, the unmistakable blue and white scarves, beanies, and hats started to dominate the scene. LS's cool stylized logo and quality merchandise became increasingly prevalent and the energy began to buzz.

face painting

We arrived early and ventured into the LS shop, getting our own scarves and beanies to showcase our team spirit proudly. Fully equipped, we explored the LSplanade, and the area surrounding the stadium, and encountered a clown who crafted whimsical balloon animals. A nearby face-painting stand adorned our cheeks with the iconic LS logo, flames, and glitter. The atmosphere was electrifying, with food trucks, a DJ, the dancing mascot distributing hugs, and various activities like bouncy castles, inflatable soccer fields, and penalty kick games. Kids decked out in blue and white were having a blast, while parents enjoyed beers, indulged in raclette, and immersed themselves in the pre-game festivities.

Felix and Fiona

Once inside the stadium, we made a beeline for the buvette, stocking up on drinks, hotdogs, candy, and fries. The service was swift, the food great, and the people friendly. Heading to our seats in the Espace Famille (Family Zone), we discovered what sets this section apart. Remember the clown from earlier? He's here! Alongside, there's a play area with foosball, bouncy inflatables, giant Legos, and even a popcorn machine. LS ensures that the 90 minutes of game time never feel too long for the kids, keeping them entertained while parents fully engage with what matters most: the game.

fam space
Jannet Fam

For us, the next 90 minutes were a cacophony of cheers, shouts, waving flags, and indulging in delicious treats. Exiting the stadium, we were filled with high spirits after a fantastic afternoon of family fun.


Sunday’s game was one of several Family Games when kids' tickets are sold for only 5.- Look at LS’s website ( and Instagram account (@lausanne_sport) for deals and events. There is always something going on!