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Culture Café in Morges

by Lama Tassabihji Adra

February 20, 2024

If you were to ask us where our absolute favorite lunch spot in Lausanne was, you probably would have never guessed that we used to have to walk through crowds of teenagers and young adults reading bande dessinée inside FNAC to get to it. For years, we have frequented Culture Café for its seasonal, local, and deliciously healthy bowls (the meatballs!).

It was a refuge when we were mothers of young children - wanting a place to have a strong coffee and slice of homemade cake while our kids had free reign of the toy corner. It was a welcoming haven when we had deadlines and no office space, where we found a glass of local beer unleashed creativity while quenching our thirst. It was an unlikely corner of Lausanne where people ate well and tables would often linger, the smells of something freshly baking encouraging patrons to save room for just a little something more.

The new interior of Culture Café in Morges
The new interior of Culture Café in Morges
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And now, as Culture Café Lausanne closes its doors in the FNAC, it has opened something much more exciting in Morges. Just a five-minute train ride from Lausanne, the new Culture Café has a prime location across from the train station with its chic terrace and modern yet cozy atmosphere.


In their new location, Cyril, the owner, shared with us an exciting addition – now you can enjoy all the Culture Café has to offer during evening aperitifs and dinners, complete with a terrace option. The lunch and dinner menus are quite similar, with some seasonal additions and sharing dishes exclusively available for dinner. We tried the seasonal bowls, with plenty of options for vegetarians, and had several incredible appetizers to share. The portions were generous and the food was fresh and healthy. Their wine selection, mostly biodynamic, is extensive, with plenty of NA options too.

Bao bun
Cyril of Culture Café
Cyril of Culture Café

The high ceilings, modern furnishings, lively music, subtle lighting, and numerous mirrors create a spacious yet cozy feel. Culture Cafe is not just about the food; it's about the overall vibe and the comforting sensation as you enjoy a wholesome dish in this welcoming space. Don't miss out on dessert – their cheesecake is a culinary experience in itself.


Can't make it for lunch? No worries! Culture Cafe has got you covered for the evening as well. On weekends, indulge in their special brunch menu from 10:00-15:00, featuring specialty coffee from Miro in Zurich.

P.S. They offer gluten-free options, so be sure to inquire.

Culture Café - Morges

Promenade de Castellane 13, 1110 Morges

Monday & Tuesday 7 am–7 pm

Wednesday - Friday 7 am–10 pm

Saturday 8 am–10 pm

Sunday 9 am–4 pm

044 544 24 49

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