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Brasserie Belleville

by Natalie Halt

May 3, 2024

Brasserie Belleville felt like an institution in Lausanne before even opening its heavy glass-paned doors onto the central promenade of The Flon district. We watched with curiosity as they set up shop, as if they had always been a part of the rotating establishments that seem to come and go in one of our favorite, but fickle, neighborhoods in town.

Brasserie Belleville sunflowers

Yesterday we made our overdue visit to the coral pink building of Brasserie Belleville. Geometric floral-tiled floors lead you into the wide expanse of sunflower-laden grandeur that awaits you in this bustling restaurant.

The oversized modern flower murals on the walls add to the feeling of generous enormity. When we arrived it was busy, but in a way that didn’t feel overwhelming or invasive thanks to the lofty ceilings. If loud crowded spaces are not your cup of tea, you are in luck here. The volume is buffered thanks to that height, we barely even heard the table of ten sitting next to us. This is a great space for large groups, in our "constant-search-for-accomodating-venue" opinion.

Brasserie Belleville Lausanne

We ordered the roasted chicken and steak tartare, both accompanied by what we agreed are some of the finest classic “shoestring” frites we have encountered thus far in Lausanne. (And if you know us at TLG, you know we take our fries very seriously.) We were also pleasantly surprised with the succulent “cuisson” of the poulet which was the perfect balance of juicy and tender with a residual contrasting crisp. The steak tartare was a classical rendition with just the right amount of acidity for our taste buds but with a surprising twist of a slight touch of “piquante.” You also have the option to order it properly “épicé.”

Dessert was a tarte du jour, bursting with tiny ripe myrtilles atop a properly sturdy flaky crust, and a crème brûlée whose delicious silky cream base was accentuated by a gratifying crack through the caramelized layer of sugar.

Roast chicken at Brasserie Belleville

Other top highlights of our visit: the staff are as exceptionally friendly as the service is fast. The portions are generous. There is also an “espace enfants” where we recommend you send your kids to watch films in a mini-amphithéâtre while you enjoy your relaxed brasserie experience.

Brasserie Belleville is open 7/7, NON-STOP from 8h until midnight (weeknights) and 2h (weekends) and serves their breakfast menu all day, as well as a plat du jour. We have our eye on the homemade gaufres for our next afternoon "4h" with the kids!

Espace enfant Brasserie Belleville

Brasserie Belleville

Rue de Genève 21

021 311 15 24