Eat & Drink


December 7, 2023

Lausanne has a sweet not-so-secret secret, and it's called Acarré. Tucked in the heart of the city on Rue Marterey, this new pastry, chocolate, and biscuit shop is a creation of two culinary wizards, Antoine and Arnaud.

What makes Acarré stand out is the duo's shared love for simple pleasures and childhood flavors, evident in every delightful creation. From flaky morning croissants that transport you to a Parisian café to chocolates that redefine indulgence, Acarré is a celebration of nostalgia and innovation.


Beyond the delicious treats, Acarré champions responsible practices. They source ingredients locally and package their creations in beautifully minimalist and completely recyclable materials.


And here's the icing (caramel) on the cake (cookie)– Acarré is open on Sundays.


Rue Marterey 38, 1005 Lausanne