A Weekend at the Hôtel Royal Evian Resort

March 19, 2024

It’s not a rarity to find luxurious hotels in the area – we are spoiled for choice regarding 5-star experiences in and around Lausanne. But one thing we discovered a few weekends ago – and only because we haven’t encountered or felt this way in a very long time – is how rare it is to find a luxurious 5-star experience celebrating families. A place that welcomes you to unwind, take a load off, relax, and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. A place that treats your child like an honored guest. And what’s more, it’s a gorgeous boat ride only 35 minutes from Lausanne.

Welcome to the Hôtel Royal Evian Resort.

HR exterior

Sitting atop Evian’s sloping hillside, the Hôtel Royal looks like it belongs in a Wes Anderson film. Beyond its legend's grandeur, meticulously elegant architecture, beautifully refined bars and restaurants, and breathtaking views, it’s a hotel that has seamlessly blended sophistication with ease.


The dedicated staff at Hôtel Royal ensures that each guest is treated to an experience that transcends mere accommodation, and we quickly realized that the difference is found in the details. For example, the afternoon we arrived, our family immediately changed into swimsuits and bath robes to head down to the incredible family-friendly spa. While walking the hallway, a staff member noticed that my son’s bathrobe was a tad snug (read: comically small). Instead of greeting us politely and continuing on his way, he immediately engaged us asking my son for his name and age, then commented on how he could probably use an upgraded robe.

remy running

Within 30 seconds he left and returned with several size options. My son commented in the elevator to the pool, “It’s weird but people here are actually nice to kids!” And while unpacking that comment welcomes an analysis of unfortunate interactions where my kids (and I’m guessing many others) have experienced feeling like a nuisance or unwelcome, it was this realization that set the tone for the entire weekend.

indoor pool

A champagne brunch where kids are also served non-alcoholic bubbles in proper glass flutes. Kids robes, kids slippers, and a kids resort gym sac to conveniently transport your items between the main resort and the kids’ resort. Which, friends, we need to talk about this incredible feature included in your stay – this Kids’ Resort is a new level of convenience and luxury that seems too good to be true.

kids jumping

The Kid’s Resort, comprising of the Baby Club, Kid’s Club, and Teen’s Club, boasts a thousand square meters of flexible indoor space, outdoor activities, dedicated lounges, a spa and pool just for kids, and of course a team of fun and friendly staff. We spoke with the lead teacher who told us about laser tag in the expansive gardens, stand-up paddle boarding in the summertime, tennis lessons and scavenger hunts and the list goes on.

Each day they curate a creative program specifically tailored to the children’s ages and tastes – and based on my own children’s experience (which included a few tears when we left) they’ve succeeded in fostering something really exceptional and special.


As we reluctantly packed our bags to depart, we couldn't shake the feeling that we weren't just leaving a hotel – we were bidding farewell to a comforting embrace of familiarity. It felt like for a brief moment, we entered a cocoon that was both opulent and warm. The Hôtel Royal is a place that not only pampers you with extravagance but also nourishes your soul with moments of genuine connection and joy for the whole family. Until we meet again - but in the meantime, it's nice that we can steal glimpses of the Hôtel Royal standing tall just across the lake.


Hôtel Royal Evian Resort

TLG TIP: Take the boat as it's much faster and more beautiful. They have programs and specials for school holidays that your children will love, and their spa facilities are incredible. Book a treatment and soak in those Evian minerals.