5 Ways to Brighten Your Lausanne Winter 2023

January 12, 2023

Time to shake off those rusty resolutions (they are so 2000, you know) and get back into the social saddle. What better way to spark a little fuse under these hazy grey days of January than discover new businesses in Lausanne? These fresh takes on craft cocktails, hip decor, fireside cooking, train travel, and theater will be sure to delight the senses and brighten your winter season here in Lausanne.​

Anna Eats

1. Learn how to cook in the great outdoors​

Ever wanted to experience the camping life “fireside meal” without the hassle of the prep (or the camping?) Anna has you covered with her seasonal, local menu where all the details are handled for you- cookware, beautiful vintage dishes, proper wine glasses, and delightful company. Over the course of the evening, you will learn her techniques for preparing food outside, completely unplugged from technology or distraction but deeply connected to the wild around you.

Discover Anna's Eats fire cooking.

Golden Pass

2. Take the new Golden Pass Express train to Interlaken​

A new leg has opened with Golden Pass, and we are ready to book our seats on the gorgeous train from Montreux to Interlaken. We know by experience that these trips have a very exclusive feel to them and one often pays the price for such a vibe. But this particular journey is exciting because of the option for three different classes, all with sliding scales of affordability depending on your desired level of luxury. The signature extra large panoramic windows and swivel chairs give a “landscape cinema” on this train.

All aboard the new GoldenPass Train.

Azar Interiors

3. Retouch your “hygge” at home with some Morrocan deco from Azar​

Sara moved to Switzerland eight years ago and opened her “Spirit of Maroc” shop named “Azar” on the graphic art deco tiles of the St Francois passage only a few months ago. Her fabrics are exactly what Lausanne needs to add a little boho chic to your home style. You will also find every size of woven basket imaginable as well as delicious candles and simple but beautiful pieces of jewelry. One of our very favorite items was the hand-painted Morrocan tea glasses, a perfect smoked sky blue with intricate white detailing in three different sizes.

Get deco inspo.

Bornand Liquors

4. Elevate your cocktail game with Bornand Liquors & Co.​

Want homemade craft cocktails in the comfort of your own home without the effort of the actual “crafting” itself? You may remember the brief appearance of the very aesthetically pleasing Christmas market stall, Bornand Liquors. A slight misunderstanding over their permit led to a very early closure (and very reduced holiday sales!) for the Bornand Family. We managed to score a few bottles and they are delightful. Not overly sweet, perfectly balanced acidity with bitterness and all handmade and fermented with organically grown herbs and spices, some from their very own gardens.

Start sippin'.

Vidy Theatre

5. Visit the newly renovated Vidy Theatre Lausanne​

In celebration of the reopening of one of their historic buildings, Vidy Theater has a lineup of artists that offer a month-long journey through the diversity of artistic landscapes. You may have noticed the renovation that has been ongoing over the past year. Now complete, the walk between the five theaters is officially reopened and the roster full of creatives eager to share their work.

Let's go see the shows.