09 Nov 21

The Woman at the Top of the Tower

When Lausanne announced they’d hired the first female night watchman – or “guette” – Cassandre Berdoz stepped confidently into the crossroads of tradition and modernity.

05 Nov 21

Blank Canvas: Plateforme 10 Invites the Public to the New MUDAC and Elysée Museums

This weekend only! The public is invited to visit the empty building before it closes again until summer…

02 Nov 21

Everyday Icons: The Unnoticeable Power of HELVETICA

Have you ever wondered how much power a single font could have on you and your perceptions? Read about one of the most iconic fonts of all time.

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How to Prepare a Brisolée-Themed Picnic

It’s time for one of our favorite autumn traditions, originally from the Valais but now adopted in Vaud.

07 Oct 21

The Artists and Designers of Tomorrow

Usually held every year in Renens, this year’s ECAL graduate exhibition returns to the school’s former home at the Espace Arlaud on the Place de la Riponne.

05 Oct 21

Everyday Icons: Always on time, The Swiss Railway Clock

The Swiss railway clock is part of our everyday commuting and travelling routine, existing in the backdrop as a careful keeper of time and orderly departures. Learn more about its design and functionality.


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5 Villages to Celebrate Les Désalpes

A charming alpine tradition since 3000 BC, here are 5 places you can watch the “cows come home” somewhat close to Lausanne.

19 May 21

If Those Waves Could Talk: Treasure Hunting in the Léman

A morning learning to listen to the stories of those who loved these shores before us.

11 May 21

The Show Goes On! L’Orchestre Chambre de Lausanne Releases Its 2021-2022 Program

This season the OCL welcomes new artistic director – Renaud Capuçon – to the helm.

08 Apr 21

Everyday Icons: Feller Standard, The Ultimate Form for a Light Switch

Do you ever really stop and think about light switches? After reading this, you may. Discover the one basic switch that became a design icon.

09 Mar 21

Everyday Icons: The REX, King of Potato Peelers

With her discerning eye, Clara Jannet takes us on a journey where we spot Swiss design icons hiding in plain sight.

05 Dec 20

The Art Around Us: Art En Ville de Lausanne

When was the last time that you actually stopped, raised your eyes and took a moment to look around? Come take a little journey and let yourself discover some of Lausanne’s hidden charms.

19 Feb 20

Under the Skin. A fleur de peau.

The first ever temporary exhibit at the Musée Cantonal des Beaux Arts Lausanne invites us under the surface of Vienna in 1900.

28 Mar 19

Meet the Makers: Julia Christ

A bit of London and Paris had finally come to Lausanne, and we soon learned, all at the hands of one particularly gifted woman.

21 Feb 19

Meet the Makers: Chantal Prod’hom

With breathless clarity and conviction, Chantal Prod’hom invited us onto her “playground” – the term she uses to describe her creative realm.