19 May 21

If Those Waves Could Talk: Treasure Hunting in the Léman

A morning learning to listen to the stories of those who loved these shores before us.

11 May 21

The Show Goes On! L’Orchestre Chambre de Lausanne Releases Its 2021-2022 Program

This season the OCL welcomes new artistic director – Renaud Capuçon – to the helm.

08 Apr 21

Everyday Icons: Feller Standard, The Ultimate Form for a Light Switch

Do you ever really stop and think about light switches? After reading this, you may. Discover the one basic switch that became a design

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09 Mar 21

Everyday Icons: The REX, King of Potato Peelers

With her discerning eye, Clara Jannet takes us on a journey where we spot Swiss design icons hiding in plain sight.

05 Dec 20

The Art Around Us: Art En Ville de Lausanne

When was the last time that you actually stopped, raised your eyes and took a moment to look around? Come take a little

19 Feb 20

Under the Skin. A fleur de peau.

The first ever temporary exhibit at the Musée Cantonal des Beaux Arts Lausanne invites us under the surface of Vienna in 1900.


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28 Mar 19

Meet the Makers: Julia Christ

A bit of London and Paris had finally come to Lausanne, and we soon learned, all at the hands of one particularly gifted woman.

21 Feb 19

Meet the Makers: Chantal Prod’hom

With breathless clarity and conviction, Chantal Prod’hom invited us onto her “playground” – the term she uses to describe her creative realm.

26 Sep 18

The Fête des Vignerons 2019

Once in a generation, and it happened in ours. What is Fête des Vignerons after all?

28 Nov 17

Meet The Makers: Fabio Marco

Sitting down with Fabio and listening to his stories is like playing a highlight reel of any wanderlust’s adventures in your head x 100.

26 Oct 17

Ai Weiwei in Lausanne

The widely influential and controversial artist comes to Lausanne in this thoughtful exhibit.

20 Sep 17

Meet The Makers: Hugo Bonamin

Hugo realized at a young age that art was a language in itself–a language that he couldn’t picture life without.

18 Aug 17

Meet the Makers: Richard Williams

Meet the man and now novelist responsible for bringing the gourmet burger & all day breakfast to Switzerland.

02 Jun 16

An Afternoon with a Ballerina

We spent an afternoon with Drew Jacoby, a ballerina visiting Lausanne to feature in Béjart’s ‘Bolero.’

27 Apr 16

Lausanne Life: Christophe

Half Egyptian, half Swiss filmmaker who, suffice it to say, is really good at what he does.