Un Arbre, Un Enfant

October 11, 2017

Un arbre, un enfant. On Saturday we planted some literal roots right here in our adopted city, and we made this video to share with you.

If you read this site even irregularly, you’re probably aware that 2016 was a big year for us. Because everything is more fun if you do it with friends, we both had baby boys, proudly born right here in Lausanne at the CHUV. Our little lausannois.

Welcoming a child into your life is monumental. It may be the most natural and common human experience, but on an individual level it breaks and rebuilds all of your norms and introduces a level of joy and exhaustion we’re still trying to find words to express. This is why when Lausanne invited us, along with all of the other parents who gave birth in Lausanne in 2016, to come and plant an oak tree in honor of our child’s life, we said “absolutely, yes,” and “gees, we hope there’s wine.”

Remy, Louis, we pray that you’ll grow strong and tall and always know how lucky you are to have your roots in Lausanne.

ALL the heart emojis to Ville de Lausanne for this beautiful day. Thank you so much for celebrating this season of life with us. And for the wine. Especially for the wine.

Tanya & Sarah