Miroir d'Argentine

January 26, 2023

In the heart of the mountain pastures of Solalex lies a hotel and restaurant that honors the region through both design and gastronomy. Only an hour from Lausanne, the Miroir d’Argentine, named after the smooth silver reflections caused by the sun on the mountain face, is a destination for any foodie and fan of nature.

The light was fading but it added to the magic of the moment. A warm glow was cascading off the sharp ridges of the mountainside as we waited on the snowy path for our ride. We were given simple instructions: park at this GPS location, then walk 200 meters to the second chalet on our left. Wait there and someone will come get us. There was something exhilarating about the uncertainty, and something deeply exciting when we saw the snowmobile careening around the corner. ‘You’re guests of the Miroir d'Argentine?’ he asked – he had a twinkle in his eye as he told us to hold on.

snow mobile

We loaded up and made our ascent. Through a gorgeous path groomed for snowshoers and cross-country skiers, we passed evergreens and other coniferous trees laden with snow, glistening as the sun cast the last of its rich orange hues upon them. Was this even real? Like a page out of Narnia, we wondered if we had just entered a land of magic and make-believe. But then we arrived at our destination and opened the door into the warmth of the auberge; the roaring fire, the friendly welcome, and the invitation for an aperitif confirmed that this was, in fact, real and it was also magical at the same time. This is the effect of Miroir d’Argentine.


The hotel is quaint and cozy, as any mountain auberge should be, offering 8 rooms that were all recently renovated in 2022. They smell of fresh cut wood and offer luxurious views of the mountains that surround it. But perhaps the real treasure of this spot is the restaurant.


Boasting dishes from the region that are entirely homemade, the chefs create surprising masterpieces that are sure to delight and surprise any diner. We had the Alpine Gourmet menu which consisted of 5 courses, each reflecting the region, the season, and extreme finesse in the kitchen. Our playful lentil soup cappuccino topped with a 24-month aged Gruyere emulsion was devoured in what felt like seconds. Followed by bone marrow, poached eggs with truffle, beef ribs cooked three ways, and the list goes on.


But it’s the attention to simple details that really blew us away: like a butter board with four different homemade butters including bear garlic and truffle, accompanied by their freshly baked bread. But you won’t see them boasting about their 13 Gault&Millau ‘hats’- on the contrary, Martin Deburaux, owner of the hotel and restaurant, said they will steer away from falling into the trap of trying to obtain industry accolades. It’s apparent that honoring the food and the customer is the priority. He explains that the most important thing is that each diner walks out with a smile.

dog sleds

And after a generous dinner and gorgeous wine pairings from the region, there’s something about moseying over to the carnotzet where a fire is roaring and having a digestif. Eyelids heavy, stomachs full, hearts content, we saunter upstairs and fall asleep under the warmth of the blankets. We awake with the sun casting its light on the peaks, beckoning us to come and enjoy this playground that seems too good to be true…but here we are, and life is good.


TLG TIP: This experience is great for couples, friends, and families. The area surrounding the hotel and restaurant is popular for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, so make sure to bring some equipment if you’d like to enjoy the outdoors. We also highly recommend this area and hotel/restaurant during the summer months where they open their expansive terrace that is surrounded by the gorgeous mountain scenery.

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