Midsummer Fête: Our Summer Party at Le Petit Sécheron

by Natalie Halt

June 26, 2024

Our Midsummer Fête last weekend feels like a mere figment of our imaginations, especially through Marco Lopez's lens and the images he captured that night. What was meant to be a celebration of the longest day of the year under canopies of lantern-lit trees beneath starlit skies at the last moment became an intimate barn party beneath the pitched roof at Le Petit Sécheron.

Petit Sécheron

Flanking both sides of the gathering were Jonathan Bornand's bus, Clementine, and Smith & Smith's bar cart, Giselle, with guests gathering around beautifully rustic tables provided by Task Force.

Jonathan Bornand

Guests were adorned with flower crowns which our dear friend Louise made possible with her proper Swedish wreath-making workshops that went on NON-STOP throughout the entire event! Chickadee Flower Farm provided the template with an array of beautiful cuttings which they dropped off the morning of the party.


Our extensive raffle was a huge hit with people “bidding” on 17 different items (TLG’s biggest in history!) A huge thanks to all participating businesses and to Sophie for organizing. 🙏

high five

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flower crowns

The night would not have been possible without all of the amazing guests who showed up in such high spirits despite the fickle weather. We are always grateful for our community, especially when they join us live and in person!


Here's to evenings well-spent, amongst friends, celebrating a new season of abundance. We feel fortunate to have you all as part of our community.