March 2, 2016
Where do you get your haircut here? We used to get this question all.of.the.time. and honestly it was tough to answer because usually our response was, we don’t. And then we found Pedro, who solved all of our haircutting and coloring woes. Then one day on the bus, we noticed this little door and the simple and well-designed typography (rare for these parts), and it piqued our interest. This place was on the brain for a few weeks when it was time for the husband to get a haircut, and so our Lausanne Guide guinea pig (who normally gets his haircut by yours truly) went and was pleasantly surprised.
It’s no surprise that the Wu brothers are friends with Pedro. In fact, before owning their own salon, they actually worked at Théâtre de la Coiffure for quite some time. Their clientele grew, as well as their desire for more flexibility and ownership, and so they peacefully parted ways with Pedro to start something of their own–presenting, WU.
The salon is small, and feels like you’ve encountered a secret space similar to something you’d find in SoHo (also there’s no website, no Facebook, no official phone number…which adds to its exclusive charm). It’s got a casual, simple vibe, complete with a salon pup (Socrates) who has several little claimed spots in corners throughout the salon. The brothers, François and Philippe, communicate with their clients with natural ease, but the minute the scissors enter their hands, you can tell that precision is at the forefront of their minds.
We were completely impressed with the salon, their manner, and the end result! Even my husband (who is extremely picky about his hair), was eager to make another appointment in six weeks. The other perk? Both François and Philippe speak English–so if you’re a bit timid to get your hair done because of the language barrier, voila, barrier gone.
One thing to note: WU doesn’t have a fixed telephone number. The brothers take their appointments via their mobile phones, through sending an SMS. They have a pretty large number of clients, so don’t be surprised if you end up having to wait awhile before they squeeze you in! Also, they do both men’s and women’s cuts, but will schedule you at certain times based on the difficulty and length of your treatment. We aren’t sure about specific prices, but to give you an idea, a men’s cut was 40CHF!
Brothers Philippe (left) and François (right) Wu
Rue Caroline 23 1003 Lausanne
Monday-Saturday 10am – 6pm
Contact: François @ 078 648 60 00 or Philippe @ 078 665 00 33 (they both speak English)

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