December 4th Is World Ice Skating Day

November 20, 2022

For the first time ever, the sports world is gearing up to celebrate World Ice Skating Day. On December 4, 2022, ice skating enthusiasts, professionals, amateurs, and even first-timers can participate in events organized in over 30 countries across the globe meant to promote the sport and show just how much fun it can be to glide across the ice.

Lucky for Lausanne residents, the International Skating Union is based right here in our city, so the festivities are planned in full. So, grab your friends and family and glide on over to the Vaudoise Arena. With 3 different ice-skating rinks set up, Christmas-themed activities, free skating lessons, and even a disco party on the ice, there’s something for everyone in the family. The party starts at 10h00 and continues until 19h00 and entry is free!

On the two rinks inside the arena, three of Lausanne’s ice-skating clubs will perform demonstrations and then offer spectators a chance to come out on the ice and take a free lesson with the skaters.

To demonstrate how ice skating sits confidently at the crossroads of athletics and art, Swiss Olympian Alexia Paganini will perform at around 17h00 and will show us how it’s really done.

“This day is a celebration for the ice-skating lovers all over the world, of all age groups, from beginners to competitive, it is one day for the entire family to celebrate their love for their beautiful sport or to discover this wonderful and fun activity,” explains World Ice Skating Day Coordinator Ashley Arthingal.

We can’t wait to strap on our skates and hit the ice! Will you join us?

Vaudoise Arena

Chemin du Viaduc 14,
1008 Prilly


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