Where to Shop in Lausanne: Petit Toi

April 28, 2014

Alejandra grew up in an environment that fostered creativity. Under the watchful eye of her grandmother, she learned to appreciate colors, patterns, textures, and methods from a young age. This upbringing led her to study design, prompting a successful career in the watchmaking industry among other professional endeavors. It wasn’t until Alejandra became pregnant with her daughter (and noticed a lack of fun and creative children’s decor and accessories), that she realized she could take ownership of her ideas and create a place that ensured her visionary upbringing come into full fruition. We give you Petit Toi.

If anyone has a tasteful eye, it’s Alejandra. She has not only selected some of the finest (and cutest) children’s furniture and accessories, but she has curated a space that allows you to envision your own home or nursery.  Walking through her store, it’s hard not to be swept away with the playful and whimsical nature of it all; colorfully patterned rugs and bedding, charming little hand-stitched dolls, organic cotton clothing with delightful designs, bright woven baskets from Colombia, and little activity kits that give you everything you need to complete a craft with your little ones (we had our eye on the ‘Build Your Own Superhero Cape’).

She selects designers from all around the globe; from Spanish to Dutch to Swiss to American, Alejandra’s taste is impeccably fun and functional, ensuring that your child will have that ‘one-of-a-kind’ look without you having to search [and pay exorbitant amounts] to find it.

Larger pieces, such as beds, cribs, and storage units are also available at Petit Toi. In addition, Alejandra offers personal interior design counsel–a service that comes free with the purchase of certain furniture pieces (inquire with Alejandra directly).

The other thing we love about Petit Toi is the fact that Alejandra desires her space to be more than a store–she wants to connect with other locals who share the same dedication to creativity and organize a space for workshops as well as a place where artists can display their work.
Above all, it is clear that Alejandra is herself an artist; one that has captured the nostalgic nature within us all and made parts of it accessible through the masterpiece that is Petit Toi.
Petit Toi
Rue Mathurin-Cordier12

1005 Lausanne


+41 (0) 76 407 04 79


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