Where to shop in Lausanne: cullycully.ch

March 19, 2015

A couple weeks ago while perusing the web, we came across a remarkable little company based just down the Lake Road in Cully. A couple of excited text messages to one another later, we had both placed our first orders of products from cullycully and we are delighted to report that we LOVE them.

The brand features products that take a fresh, quirky, non-cliché approach to Swiss-made and Swiss-inspired. We were immediately drawn to their cotton shopping bags with local colloquial expressions.

For our non-Swiss readers:
Ca va le chalet ? – Are you crazy ?
(also available) Il n’y a pas le feu au lac – The Lake is not on fire, or calm/slow down
(also available) Das isch tip top – That’s the best (Swiss German)

…and to the greeting cards with graphic renditions of Swiss sites and animals that you color in yourself (talk about an awesome craft to send home to the grandparents!)

They also have a sweet line of products for kids including giant coloring pages of Swiss traditional scenes including La Poya and temporary tattoos of icons of Swiss living…We’ve got kids’ birthday gifts set for at least the next six months :).

Even if just to have your faith restored in creativity and beautiful design, be sure to check out cullycully’s site! We’re pretty sure you’re going to love what you see.

We were so enthused that we reached out to cullycully to ask if they would consider a discount for people interested in discovering their products, and they agreed to graciously offer Lausanne Guide readers a special 10% discount when you place your order using the promo code LAUSANNEGUIDE. Thanks cullycully!

The offer is good from today until March 26, so place your order soon.


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