Where to Eat La Chasse

September 27, 2022

Perhaps the leaves have yet to turn, but the arrival of la chasse opens the door to autumn here in Lausanne. For a fleeting moment, menus are filled with wild venison, hare, boar and chamois--and chefs are given the opportunity to combine heritage and innovation, delighting diners with imaginative renditions of what has been tradition for hundreds of years. Want to partake in this seasonal fare? Here's where to eat La Chasse in & around Lausanne:

Auberge de la Fleur de Lys

Rte de Neuchâtel 73, 1008 Prilly

This is the spot that made us fall in love with la chasse all of those years ago. A restaurant  that is full and chaotic and bustling in the best of ways, where the ambiance is second to the food on the plate, and where the menu is thoughtful and full of homemade delights. Here the meal comes in two generous servings, so make sure to pace yourself or take your time. No one is hurrying you out after all. 

Pinte Besson

Rue de l’Ale 4 – 1003 Lausanne

Opened in 1780 (yes, you read that correctly) by a local wine merchant, this spot is one of the historic cafés in Lausanne and boasts a mouth-watering chasse menu. This year’s carte features a pumpkin cappuccino with porcini mushrooms, terrines, mushroom puff pastry, venison, wild boar, and deer civet. 

Le Contretemps

Rue de Bon-Port 2, 1820 Territet

A place where time seems to slow down in the best of ways, Le Contretemps is one of those restaurants where they may have only a few things on the menu, but those few things they do so.damn.well. You can expect a plate filled with a myriad of seasonal delights: hazelnut venison, cranberries, chestnuts and spatzli–a warming and comforting meal, but with poise.

Auberge de l'Abbaye de Montheron

Rte de l’Abbaye 2, 1053 Montheron

The flavors of the forest literally on your plate. This special restaurant situated in the woods around Chalet-a-Gobet is a must-visit every season but if you must pick one, we would go with La Chasse in the autumn. Everything is organic, foraged from the surrounding region, and the selection of meat depends on what the local hunters have brought in that day. 

L'Hôtel-Restaurant Le Belmont

Rue des Corbaz 1, 1092 Belmont-sur-Lausanne

It’s a neighborhood spot for us, but we know many who come from ‘far and wide’ to eat la chasse at this local gem. Vennison, deer, duck and rabbit–it’s a meat (and flavor) lover’s paradise. Though the terrace is preferred over the interior, you’re not coming here for the ambiance but for the dishes and excellent service.

L'Auberge du Pont-de-Nant

Route du Pont-de-Nant 10, 1880 Plans-sur-Bex

It seems we have something to say about this restaurant in every season, but perhaps it should be high on your priority list for la chasse. Why? Because it’s a restaurant that you can actually hike to. Imagine taking a leisurely stroll in the crisp autumnal air, soaking in the burnt orange and vibrant red hues of the changing leaves around you. After 30 minutes you can find yourself at this cozy restaurant, eating local game with regional accompaniments on your plate.

Café du Grütli

Rue Mercerie 4, 1003 Lausanne

A longtime favorite restaurant here in Lausanne – and for good reason as they’ve been around since 1849. It’s here that you’ll find Vanessa and her mother Heike and father Willi making seasonal and regional dishes in one of the most welcoming and warm atmospheres. One of the best parts? The chasseur is a man named Stanis, Willi’s brother-in-law from Grisons, and brings the family only the finest selection fresh from his personal hunt.

Le Rossignol

Av. du Léman 36, 1005 Lausanne

Though we’ve never personally dined here (it’s on the list!) we’ve heard from friends that it is a Lausanne local spot not to be missed. Here you’ll find an elevated atmosphere and carefully curated plates. But don’t let the refined nature deter you, you’ll be greeted warmly with the familiarity of the season, with a side of roasted hazelnuts, venison, and spätzle of course.

Tout Un Monde

Pl. du Village 7, 1091 Grandvaux

Known for their panoramic terrace overlooking the vineyards and lake in Grandvaux, Tout Un Monde is a spot where the dishes of la chasse are elevated and given an inventful twist, all while maintaining the integrity of the ingredients used. If weather permits, you’re in for a treat watching the sun dip below the lakeline, reflecting the gold of the grape leaves below while taking a bite of venison paired with speculoos. 

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