Where to Eat in Lausanne: Street Kitchen

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September 23, 2014

If you’ve spent any time in or around Place de la Riponne this summer, you would have noticed the influx of food trucks and stands there every Tuesday and Thursday. And if you’ve walked past Street Kitchen, a food stand started by Toni and Emma–a husband and wife duo, the first item on their menu would definitely had made you do a double-take…it’s called The Skinny Bitch and it’s freakin delicious. We had the pleasure of trying out a few items on their menu recently and couldn’t think more highly of their melange of different flavors and fresh ingredients. 
We asked Emma, the co-founder and chef, a few questions about Street Kitchen and thought we’d share her answers with you:
What inspired you to start Street Kitchen?
I come from a family of entrepreneurs so starting my own business was always something I wanted to do. We felt there was definitely a gap in the market here for great, reasonably priced food that was made with respect for the ingredients, and food that we loved to eat but couldn’t find here. We also wanted to create a business that was edgy and fun. When the opportunity at la Riponne arose we decided to give it a try and see if we were on the right track.
What kinds of food can we expect to discover at your food stand?
The name ‘Street Kitchen’ is all about what we do; we do street food from around the globe but we put our signature twist on it. We don’t like to use the word fusion too much but in a sense we like to change up a classic recipe with a foreign ingredient. We buy locally as much as possible as well as bio. Our food may be served up fast but it is by no means unhealthy; our salads are packed with fresh veg and grains, we have nothing processed, our meat is local and was once happy, and everything is made by us fresh on the day.  We are very interested in supporting sustainable farming and are in the process of trying to find small local farmers to work with to ensure our produce is free from pesticides, antibiotics, and that the animals we eat were reared as nature intended. We love food with big bold flavors so you can expect to find anything from Lebanese, Asian, Indian to typical dishes like the all rounder New York style steak sandwich and not to forget a little South African thrown in for good measure.
Where do your inspirations for recipes come from?
Our inspiration comes from all over, we love to get our creative juices flowing and we are constantly testing new recipes. We love to go down to the market and make dishes up as we go depending on the produce they have on offer that day. And of course the seasons play a big part. Travelling especially to countries that pride themselves on their street food is massive inspiration and then seeing how we can adapt a dish.


What’s been the most popular dish?
The most popular has definitely been The Skinny Bitch and we have been unable to take it off the menu as of yet, but we have had great feedback on all our dishes.  We try change up the menu every few weeks, or just add new dishes to see how they do. We just added our Bombay Bicycle which is doing very well; its a local potato and purple kale curry, topped with goats milk yoghurt, but we serve it Korean style in a lettuce wrap topped with pickled onions and green chili.

What are your hopes for Street Kitchen’s future?
We hope to be chosen to continue the la Riponne market over the winter and in between this we are growing our catering side of the business which is going quite well.  We are also looking into our own truck for the colder months. We couldn’t be happier doing what we love and as long as people are smiling after they have eaten at our stand or event that just makes it all more worthwhile. We believe home is not where you sleep it’s where you stand and we hope to be standing with Street Kitchen for a long time to come.


Thank you so much to Emma and Toni for giving us a look inside Street Kitchen! We look forward to trying more of your innovative and delicious dishes–especially when we get to order them by their fun  names 😉




Street Kitchen
Place de la Riponne
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 11:40am-3pm

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