Where to eat in Lausanne: Mauro Traiteur

September 11, 2012

If you’ve been reading this blog at all in its short six-month existence, you already know what sweet tooth we have for Italy, Switzerland’s eccentric southern neighbor (see here, here and here for proof) AND for the hip, up-and-coming Rue Marterey district of Lausanne (home to Viva Frida, GeA Gelateria, and ZooBurger, among other fab.u.lous. Lausanne establishments like our new favorite spot for a workout, Pilates&Moi—more on that later this fall).

This week’s review brings together these two loves. There are great spots for Italian dining in Lausanne that we will share progressively, but today we want to focus on the humble yet delectable foccacia bread sandwich.

It’s a strange place to start, you might think. That’s only because you’ve never gotten takeout from Mauro.

As a typical Italian traiteur, Mauro offers a variety of classical Italian dishes, perfectly suited for taking away and reheating at home. But what draws us back at least thrice monthly are the aforementioned, heavenly sandwiches.

Ranging in price from 5chf to 9.50chf, Mauro’s sandwiches allow you choose from a vast selection of Italian meats and cheeses. Some frequent clients’ preferences have been immortalized on the menu (our favorite is “le naggeur,” fresh goat cheese, roasted veggies, lettuce and tomato), but you are also free to build your own from whatever catches your eye at the deli counter. The bread is delectable and cooked fresh each day. On Saturdays they offer an olive foccacia as well, but plan to arrive early because it sells out quickly! Fresh baguette is also available for those who prefer a French twist.

Be warned, there is no dining space at Mauro. This is exclusively a take-out/catering business. But if the weather is nice, Lausanne’s lovely Parc Mon Repos is a short five minutes stroll around the corner. Grab a sandwich, buy a bottle of wine from Mauro’s considerable Italian selection and find a sunny spot on the grass–dolce vita à la Lausanne. You’re likely to find us doing the same!


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