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February 21, 2018


This is the second post of a series of posts where Gabriel and Rui set off in the pursuit of the best burger in town.

We structured our review around a few specific criteria. Of course, the flavor is paramount, but we also took ambiance, service,  presentation, and temperature of the burger into consideration.

Our second stop took us to ZooBurger.

ZooBurger (Marterey)

WHY-ARE-WE-SPEAKING-S0-LOUDLY? AAAAAA YES… We are inside Zoo Burger, this place gets packed easily (you need to book in advance). The young atmosphere, the blaring music, and the full house made it a bit difficult to chat, but this, of course, didn’t stop us from ordering two of the most appetizing options on the menu: the New York blue cheese and the Brain Double Steak.

ZooBurger: The New York Blue Cheese

This burger is a combination of beef, Roquefort, bacon, rucola, and blue cheese sauce  – Blue cheese melted inside our burger is something that can’t go wrong.

The Bun

[5 out of 5]
The bread is fresh and homemade, make sure that your meat is well done, otherwise your bread will get soggy.


[4 out of 5]
The meat tastes very nice, we had some issues with the meat falling apart from the bread, and not because the meat was larger than the bread, just because the meat couldn’t stay together.


[4 out of 5] Rucola, Roquefort cheese and the blue cheese sauce was the perfect excuse to grab a large beer, all the vegetables look super fresh, the surprise?: Some slides of green apple to balance with the strong flavor of blue cheese and meat. Well played.

Overall New York Blue Cheese burger:
  • We aren’t 100% sure, but we noticed that the size of the burger (and the meat) are smaller than the rest of the competitors
  • YES! to blue cheese sauce
  • Bacon needs to be more crispy

ZooBurger: Brain Double Steak burger

Ok, if it is one of those nights that you are super hungry, and you have some extra $ to invest in your burger, put it all into this choice. This is the perfect burger for meat lovers, but if you’re thinking about adding some french fries on the side, you may want to think twice.

The Bun

[5 out of 5]
The bread is fresh and homemade with provincial herbs. This burger comes with extra of everything, so make sure you do a big first bite.


[4 out of 5]
This is great heaven for meat lovers, double layer of meat it is always good, but it is also double the problems. We encountered the same issue as the previous burger–it started to fall apart.


[2.5 out of 5]

All good with double bacon, cheese, rucola,  but in our opinion this burger has two concerns: too much ketchup and raw onions–the raw onions were a bit too intense for a burger.

Things that we like of Brain Double Steak burger:
  • Think twice if you are going to order french fries on the side.
  • This double layer of meat was a good choice.
  • All toppings look super fresh, except the onions that were completly raw.

French fries

[4 out of 5] They french fries are great!, crispy and even a bit sweet, the only issue that we had was that they arrived a bit cold on our plate, so when we asked them to re-heat them, they lost their original flavor and texture which was a pity.

Drink selection

[5 out of 5]
Don’t only go with the options that you have on the menu, ask for the other offers–sometimes they have more beers from local brewers that are not listed.

Overall Zoo Burger

During summer you can enjoy their terrace, unfortunately they are not open late

If you add up burger + fries + beer it gets a bit pricey for what you get at the end

We preferred New York Blue Cheese over Brain Double Steak (the raw onions was a big no)


Address: Rue Marterey 29, 1005 Lausanne
Hours: Monday to Saturday· 11:30AM–10:00PM – Sundays is closed
Phone: 021 312 50 20


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