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November 23, 2017


We remember the first time we had to buy glasses here in Switzerland. It was over seven years ago, and we walked into a popular retail chain and picked out one of the cheapest frames we could find. Over five hundred francs later we ended up with glasses we didn’t love (because let’s face it, the ones we loved were twice as expensive), and a bruised bank account.  When we shared our experience with more seasoned locals, they simply shrugged their shoulders and said, “It’s Switzerland, after all.” But then Viu came onto the scene, and everything changed.

Viu was founded in 2012 by a group of five people who recognized the monopoly that was the eyeglasses industry in Switzerland. They were frustrated by the limited selection and the fact that the high prices didn’t always indicate quality–so their solution was simple: cut out the middle man.

Their glasses are all designed in Switzerland, then made in Italy and Japan from manufacturers who engage in sustainable practices. There’s no mass production, rather family-owned and operated businesses all making your lenses to order. We know what you’re wondering about now: high quality designer glasses, under 200 francs with prescription, where’s the catch in all this? And the answer is, there is none.

Viu can offer us these prices because they control the entire supply chain–from design and manufacturing to sales and customer relations. It’s simple, straight-forward, and let’s face it: super stylish. And as if all of this isn’t enough to get you in their door regardless of your prescription (or lack thereof), they’ve created a system where you don’t ever have to step foot in their door if you don’t want to. Ladies and gents: we introduce to you the at home try-on.

So, how does it work? Simply go onto Viu’s website, choose up to four styles, and they ship the frames to your doorstep in 2-3 workdays FREE OF CHARGE. You have four days to try them on and choose the frames that work for you. Then order those frames online, and send back the sample frames with a prepaid return label (FREE OF CHARGE). Voila! You’ll receive your brand new glasses within 7-10 workdays. As our four year-old intern/daughter likes to say, “Easy peasy!”

Wanna give Viu a try? We are reflecting a bit on gratitude this week (as it IS American Thanksgiving after all), and trying to put what’s important into focus (see what we did there?). That’s why our friends at Viu are giving away two 200 CHF gift vouchers so you can pick out some glasses (either eye glasses or sunglasses) for yourself. Pop on over to our Instagram to enter for a chance to win. Here’s to seeing everything just a bit more clearly 😉

Viu Eyewear

Rue du Pont 10, 1003 Lausanne

021 508 71 10

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