Vaga Bon Café

January 31, 2020

Walking into the doors of Vaga Bon Café at the Galerie Port Franc is like being transported into another era. Mid-century furniture and art deco flair surrounds you– with colorful lines and shapes that are a feast for the eyes.

But as you mosey through the carefully curated pieces, almost all of which are for sale, you notice a cozy space near the back outfitted with tables and couches, beckoning you to have a seat and drink some specialty coffee.

Vaga Bon Café, founded by Yoann Leuba, was originally a coffee truck which graced Riponne every Friday. Roasted locally in Lavaux, they believe that coffee is an everyday product that will prove to be infinitely complex, varied and intriguing if we pay attention to it.

And it’s hard not to pay attention to the coffee when sitting in Vaga Bon Café. It’s as if the clock moves a bit slower here–the pace is refreshingly measured, offering moments to take in the details, to sip slowly.

Vaga Bon Café

Galerie Port Franc / Côtes-de-Montbenon 14
Lausanne, Switzerland 1003

Monday-Saturday: Open 8am-5pm, Sunday closed


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