UNICAS – Handmade Argentine Empanadas

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March 16, 2016

Ok yes. We may or may not be obsessed with empanadas (see our recent review of Chilean empanadas), and we are well aware that there is a sort of ‘rivalry’ between Argentinian empanadas and Chilean ones. Our intention is not to stoke the fire and create an empanada war; the two can co-exist peacefully in our stomachs, trust us.

We were recently contacted by Maria Eugenia from Unicas.ch, who runs an online Argentinean empanada shop which delivers handmade, frozen, vacuum sealed bundles of various empanadas right to your door.  Now if you know anything about us, we love convenience, we love trying new food, and we love empanadas–win-win-win. The other thing you may know is we have our very own Argentinean empanada expert on our TLG team–Gabriel–so we felt fairly confident that we could assess the originality and quality with an experienced palate on our side.

The great thing about the bundle delivery system is they come in packages of 12–the perfect number to enjoy with friends, making it a communal concept (which is exactly what we did). We invited some friends over to help us do a proper empanada tasting.

Our verdict? Spoiler alert:

They. Are. Delicious.

Their menu is quite diverse with a variety of fillings; the empanadas are baked with pastry dough, and filled with combinations of meat and/or vegetables. For example, you can order Empanadas de Carne (beef), ham & cheese, cheese & onion, creamy corn, tuna, lamb, caprese, or aubergine…the options are endless.

All of the empanadas  have been carefully assembled with the highest quality of products that are sure to please any taste.

Here are our favorites:


Swiss beef with the perfect mix of onions, egg, and spices.

Cheese & Onion

We like mozzarella. Mozzarella is our friend. And who can resist it when it is mixed with onions and spices?

Ham & Cheese

Hot mozzarella melted with bits of ham…irresistible. 

So our verdict? Whatever their shape or size (or origin), empanadas are a worthwhile addition to a cook’s repertoire. The best part of this is it doesn’t require any cooking! Just order online, get them on your doorstep, pop them in the oven, voila. We whole-heartedly recommend Unicas.ch not only because they are mouthwateringly delicious, but because we feel that quality empanadas are a great new initiative for the city of Lausanne. Bring it on!

Oh, and one more thing. Maria Eugenia was very kind to include a little surprise with our order: amazing cookies with quince that went perfectly with green or black tea. Yum!

UNICAS.CH | Handmade Argentine Empanadas
To order, visit unicas.ch
Follow them on Facebook
Contact them by telephone: +41 79 290 45 74
Or by email: info@unicas.ch


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