Umamido Lausanne

September 30, 2022

After being a Geneva-based ramen house for five years, Umamido has brought their honest and insanely delicious ramen to Lausanne. And we are in umami love.

Their story starts as many do: there was a problem, and a desire and passion to fix it. The problem in this case? Guy Quirynen was hungry. The good news? He was traveling and had found himself in Japan – the mecca of all things umami, a foodie’s paradise. Another piece of good news was that Guy was a graduate of EHL and had experience working in Michelin-starred kitchens. So when he tasted his first bowl of ramen in a small shop in Kyoto, the gears started moving and pieces fell into place. He would bring these flavors and this experience to Europe.

umamido entry

Though Umamido has been open in Geneva for five years, we had never gotten the chance to try it until it opened its doors in Lausanne last week. Taking over a café historique sous-gare, the mix of the old wood paneling and booths alongside the carefully crafted tables and stools (by our friend and carpenter Fabio Marco) plus the gorgeous tiled bar give the space a cozy yet modern vibe. Light pours in from the large front windows, and the smell of broth wafts from the passing servers, steaming bowls in hand.

Umamido’s catchphrase is “honest ramen” – and besides the fact that it honestly is the best ramen we’ve tried in Lausanne, the slogan comes from their desire to craft their bowls with integrity. Using ethically farmed ingredients, meticulously homecooked broths, and sourcing their partners carefully, you can tell the minute the noodles hit those tastebuds that this bowl is next level. They proudly aim to be “zero waste” at their atelier – meaning the parts of the animal they don’t use in the bowls go in the broth (yes that means the heads, feet, and skin) which gives it the most umami-rich taste.

umamido bar

On the menu you’ll find a range of starters that go beyond the classic Japanese offerings and venture into kimchi and buns – try the sunomono – a gorgeous Japanese cucumber salad that’s so simple but delicious and is meant to be a dish that cleans the palate when eating something oily or spicy. Then of course you’ll find the several ramen bowls and additional toppings – we tried the special, Tan Tan Men, which was insanely delicious and satisfying. For those who don’t like ramen (we need to have a chat), there are also Donburi rice bowls offered featuring a vegetarian mushroom bowl, pork teriyaki and Japanese fried chicken.

Regardless of what you order, we have a feeling you’ll find it absolutely delicious and delightful – this is, indeed, honest ramen for all.

Monday – Sunday (7/7): 11:30 – 21:30
+41 21 616 31 06

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