Top 3 Hot Chocolate Pauses in Lausanne

February 22, 2023

We've all had that cup of powdered chocolate that never melts - the one that clumps and congregates but doesn't seem to fully incorporate into your milk. But when was the last time you've tried the real-deal hot chocolate? The one that melts in your mouth and feels like you're eating a chocolate bar? It's time to take a hot chocolate pause here in Lausanne.

Hot chocolate: that indulgent and rich drink that always finds a way to warm you from the inside out. Did you know that chocolate has been scientifically proven to enhance your mood? The Aztec warriors – yes it dates that far back- even drank it before going into battle. But it wasn’t always sweet– that came later with the Spanish adding spices such as cinnamon to sweeten it up and make it less bitter.

But there are two types of hot chocolate: hot cocoa and hot chocolate. What’s the difference? No, it’s not a lost-in-translation type of thing, but an actual difference. The first has a thinner consistency and tends to be creamier and sweeter because of the additives, the second one is much richer and denser and can have bitter-sweet notes depending on the type and percentage of pure cacao used as a base.

So where can we find this real-deal hot chocolate in Lausanne? The one that tastes like a chocolate bar melting in your mouth? I have always been disappointed when ordering a hot chocolate around Lausanne– it often arrives with those ready-made packets meant to be dumped into hot milk. You keep mixing, hoping that it will all dissolve and you won’t end up with lumpy powder in your mouth or stuck to the bottom of the mug. So, I went on the hunt with my 7-year-old by my side, because it has to get his seal of approval!

Top 3 hot chocolate pauses in Lausanne:

1. Maison Buet "Bar à Chocolats"

Yes you heard that right, its a hot chocolate bar menu of the sort. You get to choose between around 10 different blends of chocolate coming from different places, some for the younger ones like “Le Tradition” with 49% cacao, and others for the ones that like it more bitter and more fruity with “Le Tanzanie” with 75% of cocoa. And to make it all even better, there are add ons. You can order a side order of marshmallows, pépites de chocolate and shaved almonds to top your warm drink, and a side of chantilly. The cherry on top is that they serve it to you in a do it yourself manner, so you get to pour the hot chocolate, add the toppings, and enjoy the experience.

2. Le Barbare

“Chocolate Chaud Marta” is what you need to order, and make sure that you are ready for this creamy and delicious pudding-like hot chocolate that makes you want to just lick the cup once you’re all done, and leaves you with a chocolate mustache between each sip. You even get a little homemade pastry on the side (that you completely forget about once you start drinking). Added bonus is homemade chantilly that can be ordered as an extra topping.

3. BalzaC

If you are sous gare and looking for some genuine hot chocolate, BalzaC’s hot chocolate menu with nearly 20 different options has got you covered. It is a whole experience, just like specialty coffee. You can talk about the flavors you like, how coarse you want the taste, or how sweet you prefer it and then it’s served in a little jug for you to pour yourself. The bonus is that if you like what you drink, you can buy it and make it at home, which is exactly what I did with my “Noir-orange 51%” hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate To-Go

For those of you whose days are just too busy for a little pause; don’t worry we’ve got you covered. The places below can sell you an “on-the-go hot chocolate” or better yet the mix to do it yourself at home!

  1. La Chocolatière 
  2. Blondel 
  3. Noz 
  4. Durig 

And in case you’re hesitating, remember that cacao is a fruit, so technically we’re counting it as one of our fruits for the day. Here’s to warming up with a cup of indulgent and satisfying hot chocolate this winter. 

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