Top 10 Things to do this Autumn in Lausanne

October 6, 2022

Ah, autumn in Lausanne. The leaves are turning, the lake and mountains boast a misty morning glow, and the air turns crisp. It's arguably one of our favorite seasons here in Switzerland, and there are plenty of fun activities to engage in to take full advantage. Here are our top 10 things to do this autumn in Lausanne.

1. La Chasse

la chasse and vegetables

Either you’ve already caught sight of it, or you’ll begin seeing signs around town proclaiming “la chasse est arrivée!”, which indicates that even if the leaves haven’t turned, Lausanne has mentally entered the season of autumn. Check out our top places to enjoy this autumnal menu in and around Lausanne.

2. Drink Locally


Lausanne is now spoiled with local breweries and wineries, and it’s often in the autumn when breweries especially release their seasonal beers. There’s something about the air turning crisp, and drinking a hoppy brew in a knit sweater that gives us all the feels. Check out Dr. Gab’s and La Nébuleuse for their seasonal offerings. Not into beer? We’ve recently started to uncover Lausanne’s phenomenal natural wine movement and there are some incredible flavor profiles just waiting to be discovered.

3. Visit a Museum

The gorgeous museum district Plateforme 10 is offering free entry to the MCBA and the Photo Elysée until October 27, so be sure to go discover the new buildings and exhibits on display there.

4. Warm Up with Specialty Coffee

latte art coffee lausanne

Five years ago we would have never believed you if you told us that we’d have our pick of specialty coffee here in Lausanne. Now we’ve got a list that continues to grow – and we aren’t complaining. Go check out one of these spots, order a warm drink, and enjoy. Check out our top cozy cafés in Lausanne.

5. Go to Lavaux

Is there anything more beautiful than Lavaux in the autumn? Whether you walk the vineyards and find a spot to settle in for a picnic, or take the wine train and climb the hills in search of a taste of some local white, it’s a must-do for the fall. If you’re looking for a self-guided wine walk (complete with tips on where to find the self-service fridges) check out the article below.

6. Try Brisolée

Speaking of Lavaux, join the winemakers of the region for a harvest-themed celebration or a special seasonal meal (have you ever tried a brisolée? It’s one of our favorite fall traditions!). We always go to Caveau Corto in Grandvaux for the incredible nibbles and best views. Won’t be able to make it to any of the planned brisolée events? Why not create your own? Check the link below.

7. Take a Fall Foliage Walk or Hike

autumn hike leaves and trees and sun

Get out in nature and enjoy the changing of the seasons while working up a little sweat. We would recommend Dent de Jaman or Les Dent de Midi for sweeping views of the Lake and trees. Or Les Rochers de Naye or le Lac Taney. Also these family-friendly hikes we like as well as these 3 fall foliage forest hikes near Lausanne (below).

8. Get Above Lausanne

It may be simple, but we highly recommend climbing the Tour de Sauvebelin and getting views from the top of our city and the lake below. After that, take a walk in the expansive forests and admire the colors.

9. Elevate Your Entertainment

Theatre de beaulieu

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good Netflix evening…but why not indulge in the cultural offerings of our amazing city once in awhile? Check out the ticket offerings for this season by the Orchestra of Lausanne, the Lausanne Opera , or the Theatre de Beaulieu.

10. Fon-DO

Nothing says seasons are shifting like our craving for hot melted cheese. If fondue is your thing, we recommend you go to Cafe L’Eveche (which boasts 13 different fondues to choose from) and have an outdoor fondue on the terrace in the back. Otherwise, our top fondue spots in and around the city are Cafe Grutli, Chalet des Enfants, Chalet Suisse, Cafe Romand, A La Bossette (try their goat cheese or tomato fondue), or Pinte Besson.

What do you enjoy doing in Lausanne during the autumn?

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