Top 10 Things To Do This Autumn in Lausanne

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October 2, 2020

1. La Chasse. Either you’ve already caught sight of it, or you’ll begin seeing signs around town proclaiming “la chasse est arrivée!”, which indicate that even if the leaves haven’t turned, Lausanne has mentally entered the season of autumn.  Before moving to Switzerland, we’d never eaten game meat, and for years we resisted trying because it sounded somewhat…savage? Then after being invited to dinner at Auberge de la Fleur de Lys in Prilly, we saw the light and now, it’s a yearly tradition that we can’t miss. Disclosure: the restaurant decor is what we like to call “Vaudois-kitsch,” but you’re not going for the decor, you’re going for the Noisettes de Chevreuil. Readers have recommended la chasse to us at these restaurants as well:

Auberge de la Cergniaulaz
Le Contretemps
L’Hôtel-Restaurant Le Belmont
Auberge de l’Abbaye de Montheron
La Clef d’Or
La Croix d’Ouchy

2. Drink up. Lausanne is now spoiled with local breweries and wineries, and it’s often in the autumn when breweries especially release their seasonal beers. There’s something about the air turning crisp, and drinking a hoppy brew in a knit sweater that gives us all the feels. Check out Dr. Gab’s and La Nébuleuse for their seasonal offerings.

3. Visit a museum. We plan to check out MCBA’s newest exhibit featuring works by Argentinian artist Jorge Macchi seeks to “question our ability to perceive the fragile balance of daily life, which is permanently threatened by incident.”

4. Warm up with specialty coffee. Whether or not you’re a fan of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, you’ve got to admit there’s something comforting about the autumnal flavours found in many coffee drinks this season. The great news is, there are a handful of local specialty coffee shops that often offer their own versions of seasonal drinks like Ça Passe Crème and Sleepy Bear Cafe. Also if you’re a fan of coffee, be sure to head to the Swiss Coffee Connection THIS WEEKEND (September 26, 27) where you can immerse yourself in the world of local artisanal and indepedent coffee movers and shakers.

5. Go to Lavaux. Is there anything more beautiful than Lavaux in the autumn? Whether you walk the vineyards and find a spot to settle in for a picnic, or take the wine train and climb the hills in search for a taste of some local white, it’s a must-do for the fall.

6. Try Brisolée. Speaking of Lavaux, join the wine makers of the region for a harvest themed celebration or a special seasonal meal (have you ever tried a brisolée? It’s one of our favorite fall traditions!). We always go to Caveau Corto in Grandvaux for the incredible nibbles and best views.

7. Take a fall foliage walk or hike. We would recommend Dent de Jaman or Les Dent de Midi for sweeping views on the Lake and trees. Or Les Roches de Naye or le Lac Taney. Also these family friendly hikes we like.

8. Climb the Tour de Sauvebelin for exceptional views of Lausanne and the changing colors of the forests below.

9. Elevate your entertainment. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good Netflix evening…but why not indulge in the cultural offerings of our amazing city once in awhile? Check out the ticket offerings for this season by the Orchestra of Lausanne and the Lausanne Opera (both of which are taking safety and hygiene measures due to Covid).

10. Fon-DO. We always recommend eating fondue with your neighbors at Lausanne à Table’s popular event in Parc de Valency, but due to COVID restrictions this year, it required to register and has already been sold out. BUT!  if you weren’t lucky enough to snag a spot, go to Cafe L’Eveche (who boasts 13 different fondues to choose from) and have an outdoor fondue on the terrace in the back.

Anything you’ll be checking out this autumn? We’d love to hear about it!


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