TLG Holiday Gift Guide #3

November 25, 2021

Here's our final list of gift ideas for family and friends this year, with a focus on local brands and businesses that we love. If you missed TLG Guide #1 and #2, check back on our homepage for more inspiration.

For the cocktail lover who takes no pleasure in the process but plenty in the sipping

A huge variety of drinks and flavors made right here in Lausanne by talented mixologists.

Elixir de Joie – Ready to drink cocktails

For the homebody who loves a cozy ambiance

Simple and sophisticated design that would look beautiful in any home.

Cachalot Atelier – Candlestick handmade in Switzerland from recycled materials

For the one who needs a little nibble of something sweet with every cup of tea

Because who doesn’t love a tin of local biscuits?

Les Tresors d’Agathe – Limited Edition mixed biscuit box

For the cute kid who deserves an equally cute backpack

This unique backpack doesn’t get any more Swiss. Inspired by and made from the wool of the Blacknose Sheep, it’s a unique & special gift for the little ones.

Baabuk Blacknose Collection Hooded Backpack

For the sustainably-minded hipster who secretly loves luxury

High quality & super soft recycled cashmere beanie made in Italy. 95% Cashmere, 5% Merino wool, 100% style.

Clother – Unisex RIFÒ Green Galileo Cashmere Hat

For the friend who appreciates beauty in the unexpected

Made from apples and quince on the Paccot’s vineyard in La Côte – it’s a 100% natural cider.

Apple and Quince Cider by Domaine la Colombe

For your buddy who loved chemistry class in school and needs a new hobby

It’s how Dr Gab’s started off, and now they are allowing us to be a part of the origin story too. 

Dr Gab’s At Home Beer Brewing Kit

For the foodie who rarely splurges on themselves

Yes, we do have truffles here in Switzerland – and they can be delivered to your doorstep when you’re ready to indulge.

Swiss Truffle Dealers – Swiss Black Truffle

For the one who takes fashion risks but never at the expense of the environment

Sustainable, stylish, Swiss. Everyone needs to own their own Qwstion bag and this hip pouch is a perfect accessory when you’re on the go.

Qwstion Bananatex® Hip Pouch


Out of Office

Lakeside Bars in & around Lausanne

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