TLG 2021 Holiday Gift Guide #1

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November 23, 2021

You know the people on your gift list that are absolutely impossible to shop for? Our TLG Holiday Gift Guide is back to help you cross those friends off of your list. Featuring mostly local brands and businesses, we will be rounding up fun ideas for all tastes and budgets in 3 separate gift guides. So without further ado, here's our Gift Guide #1:

For the cook with the Midas touch

Our favorite Everyday Icon has been upgraded.

Victorinox Rex in 24-carat gold

For the wine connosieur who still dreams of owning their own label

Own your own vine and they’ll send you the wine when it’s bottled, with your name on it of course.

Domaine La Capitaine

For the plant lover with a black thumb

Gorgeous terrariums that are beautifully designed with plants that require minimal effort to keep them alive.

For the families spread across the map that want to stay connected

Families can upload photos on this digital interface, write a small update and it’s automatically compiled, printed and sent off to your destination of choice. A perfect gift for grandparents.


Famileo Gazette

For the art enthusiast who may have invited you to a uterus blessing

Minimalist, playful & provocative. A limited edition with only 53 prints made.

Wow! Illustration Jasmina

For the stationery addict that can never have enough notebooks

Local stationery from Renens in beautiful colors and designs.

carnet numéro

For the funky and fun friend who loves to make a statement

Local jewelry designer with playful and affordable pieces.

Nakimi – Camille Terracotta

For the 'aggro groms' who miss catching those perfect barrels

Now you can surf right here in Suisse Romande. Buy a beginner’s lesson or a pack of sessions and catch those sick sets.

Alaïa Bay – Surf the Swiss Alps Wave Garden

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