The Best Second-Hand Shops in Lausanne

February 11, 2022

Second-hand shopping is in its renaissance, and we’re here for it. Not only is shopping second-hand a great way to live more sustainably, it’s also much kinder to your wallet.

With a wealth of stores selling preloved items across Lausanne, the days of rummaging through racks of sweaty, worn-out clothes are long behind us. The only catch? It can take a keen eye to distinguish the good from the bad – that’s why we’ve rounded up some of Lausanne’s best second-hand shops, so you can get bargain-hunting in no time.​

Le Galetas

Le Galetas’ three second-hand stores in Lausanne (one of which is a bookshop) use the proceeds of their sales to fund and provide social services for those in need, such as support for immigrants, couples counseling, financial advice, legal consultations, and support for young people. Their two main stores ‘Galetas of the Blécherette’ and ‘The Bazardage of Morges’ both provide a menagerie of trinkets and apparel, from preloved clothes to art, gifts, furniture, and books.


Ateapic’s two Lausanne boutiques find a way of seamlessly blending designer fashion, quirky accessories, art, bicycles, furniture, and more with an ecologically-minded sense of creativity and originality. Specializing in off-beat trends and atypical pieces, shopping at Ateapic is more of a ‘through-the-looking-glass’ shopping experience that delights.

Les Patronnes - second-hand

For those looking for a laid-back and highly curated shopping experience, head over to Les Patronnes and pay Melodia and Morgane a visit. We visited back when it was called Café des Patronnes upon their opening in 2017 and were utterly charmed, to say the least. With each of their items carefully picked for its aesthetic and quality, they offer a selection for both men and women. Very soon they will be launching their e-shop, so look for these treasures online soon!

Frip Square

For those of us who prefer to do all of our shopping online, shopping sustainably and second-hand can be a challenge. However, more and more second-hand shops are choosing to operate online, and Frip square is one of these. It’s an online boutique that curates on-trend, high-quality preloved items for you, so you can stop spending hours scrolling through eBay. It makes sense that Frip Square chose to operate online, as their range caters primarily to young people, with trendy (but not too trendy) pieces you could imagine wearing for years to come, which fits with Frip Squares’ ethos of rejecting fast fashion.

If you do want to get a look at something in person, they do also have a small boutique in Lausanne open for viewing by appointment only at: Avenue d’Edouard Dapples, 15 bis, 1006, Lausanne.

La Dégriffonne

La Dégriffonne specializes in bringing new life to pre-loved luxury and designer items, which for many of us feel like off-limit purchases. At Le Dégriffone, they become more affordable options for the everyday consumer. With a range of names from Lacroix to Prada, Le Dégriffone should be on the radar of anyone with an eye out for designer pieces.

Elias et Lara

As anyone with kids knows, buying them clothes feels like a never-ending battle that can quickly take a toll on your bank account and leave you drowning in barely-worn or quickly outgrown clothes. This adorable secondhand children’s clothing store sells clothes, books, toys, and games for kids up to 5 years old, and even offers to sell your child’s old clothes with a 40% commission on any profits.

Throwback Vintage

Who doesn’t love a 90s throwback? This cozy little vintage hidey-hole manages to fit an impressive range of quirky retro items inside. They also have an online store that’s stocked with all their latest pieces, which makes shopping vintage almost too easy.

Le Dressing

Love the high-end look and feel of luxury items, but not the prices? Le Dressing solves this problem by collating a hand-picked range of preloved items from prestigious names like Chanel, Dior, Hermés, and Louis Vuitton, and selling them at affordable prices. The luxury feel of the ‘Le Dressing’ items is carried on throughout the store itself, with a real high-end feel, perfect for those occasions when you want to treat yourself.


Envisioned and brought to life by a fashion photographer, Waiyka is a hub of vintage pieces that have a timeless contemporary feel. The store itself feels modern and stylish and has quickly become a favorite amongst young people in Lausanne.

Kilo Boutique

Ditch high prices and fast fashion – Kilo Boutique’s two second-hand shops in Lausanne both operate on a ‘pay what you weigh’ policy, doing away with individual prices altogether. This concept makes for a fun shopping experience, since you never really know how much you’ll be spending until you get to the till! With plenty on offer, from idiosyncratic vintage pieces to wardrobe staples, Kilo Boutique is a great place to come when you’re looking for a wardrobe refresh.


A cult favorite for many locals, Maniak has been around since the 80s and the vibe has remained rooted in the decade as well. A space for alternative fashion, whose storefront windows often boast mixes in prints and patterns and is the opposite of muted or discrete, it also has a large area for upcycled and vintage clothing.

Chabada Vintage

Located on the gorgeous Cheneau de Bourg, where mulitcolored historic buildings reflect histories of the shops within, Chabada Vintage is one of the original second-hand vintage shops in Lausanne. Here you can find unique women’s fashion and accessories ranging from styles of the 1950s to 1990s. It’s a cozy space and must if you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind piece from eras gone by.


A Swiss online platform for both buyers and sellers, has made it easy to find treasures without having to go into physical stores, and has made it easy to sell your goods without a fee (you get to keep what you earn). You can set up your own shop or just peruse the site as a customer—just think of it as a connector or a community for second-hand enthusiasts.

hands typing at a computer looking for second hand fashion in Lausanne

Le Sleek Store

Started by the discerning eyes of Anke and Alia, two Lausannoise professionals who have a background in fashion and a passion for sustainability, Le Sleek Store is housed on Instagram but also organizes events and pop-ups. Make sure to follow them and try your luck at grabbing one of their beautiful contemporary pre-loved pieces – they curate their clothing & accessories so you don’t have to…and because of that, they go fast.

Finest Vintage

Alberto, the owner, does the searching and curating at Finest Vintage so you don’t have to. Previously in Renens, and now smack-dab in the center of Lausanne, it has quality accessories and clothing for all tastes and occasions for both men and women.


Leonora and Barbara are passionate about bringing awareness to our consumption habits and approachable ways we can protect our planet. When you shop at their carefully curated store, you are participating in a slow-fashion approach based on recycling and upcycling, without sacrificing quality, style or your favorite brands.


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