The Best Playgrounds in Lausanne

July 6, 2018

One of the aspects we appreciate most about life in this little Swiss city is our almost immediate access to nature. Mountain trails! Ski slopes! Lakes at every turn!

But as much as we love and respect dramatic alpine sights, we are all working parents of small children and sometimes (or, let’s be honest, every other hour of the day), we need a patch of grass and an age-appropriate slide to keep everyone from self-destructing.

Fortunately, the city of Lausanne has some excellent playgrounds, with many of them currently undergoing renovation. Between us, we’ve probably tested each of them and this list represents our favorites.

If you think we missed a hidden gem, leave us a note in the comments. In the name of research, we’ll pack up our strollers with healthy snacks, a football, and plenty of sunscreen to check it out.

We hope you find this list helpful! May your children play hard and nap even harder.

Parc de Valency

Address: Route de Prilly 18, 1004 Lausanne
Why We Love It: This park is great for outdoor activities with a few games for the little ones, and a renovated area with new big games and a sandpit with a water fountain. It even has its own swimming pool (for free!), as well as table tennis/ping pong tables, a BBQ grill,  a basketball hoop, and a stunning view of the lake.

Parc du Boisy

Address: Chemin du Boisy 6, 1004 Lausanne
Why We Love It: It’s like stumbling upon a hidden treasure inside a small forest. All the games are renovated, and there’s a very long slide that will transport you from one level to another (fun, right?). This park is also equipped with table tennis/ping pong tables, a bike/skate track court, and multiple games to keep your kids entertained.

Parc du Désert

Address: Chemin de Pierrefleur 72, CH-1004 Lausanne
Why We Love It: If you want to connect with nature, do a bit of bird watching, and search for frogs, then this is your park. It is also a great spot to visit some of the community gardens.

Parc de Mon Repos

Address: Avenue de Mon-Repos , 1005 Lausanne
Why We Love It: One of the biggest parks in Lausanne, if not the biggest, this is a great park for picnics, eating ice cream (they sell it there at the cafe Folie Voltaire), and enjoy the shade with your kids. There are (count them: TWO) swings, a sandpit with a built in “water table”,  and a gorgeous aviary where the kids can identify different types of exotic birds. It’s definitely one of our favorite parks in Lausanne.

Promenade de Derrière-Bourg

Address: Avenue du Théâtre 6, 1005 Lausanne
Why We Love It: In the heart of the city, you can find green space to let your kids run solo. There’s a large frog spitting water welcoming you (HUGE hit with our kids) and gorgeous grassy dunes that lead you to the playground. The actual playground is small and minimal, but it has a big swing, a carousel, and other games that are bound to keep them entertained during a lunch break. It’s also central and easy to access.

Signal de Sauvabelin

Address: Lac de Sauvabelin, 1018 Lausanne
Why We Love It: Fan of nature? This park is outside the city center but totally worth it. Not only because it is completely renovated with multiple games the kids will love, but also because they have a small zoo where your kids can interact with real animals. The pathway around a little pond is perfect for a casual stroll with the littles. If you are ready for a little exercise, make your way inside the forest and discover the wood tower for a fantastic view of the city/alps. Easily accessible from town with the number 16 bus (bus stop Signal).

Promenade du Devin

Address: Chemin du Devin south #15
Why We Love It: Not many people know about this park–and we kind of want to keep it that way, but alas, it’s too good not to share. Hidden in the Lausanne neighborhood of Chailly, this park is essentially divided into two parts: one section for the littles, and one for the bigger kids. The sand pit has a small slide, as well as a wooden stationary train for the small ones to keep entertained, while the larger area has swings, climbing apparatuses, a larger slide, and balance beams etc.

Square d’Echallens

Address: Avenue d’Echallens, between n°41 & 39
Why We Love It: This park is a gem. It was fully renovated and it is getting all the attention now, with several different slides for different ages, a big swing, a carousel and a nice table for a picnic.

Parc du Milan

Address: Parc de Milan, Lausanne 1007, Switzerland
Why We Love It: Another big park that’s combined with the Botanical Gardens (which are FREE and AMAZING) and an incredible aerial view of the city–this park is NOT to be missed. This park is always super busy–kids playing in the large fountain, a sand pit, and a large (dare we say perhaps too high?) climbing tower for the more skilled/older kids.

Parc d`Ouchy

Address: Le Port d’Ouchy of Le Port d’Ouchy, Lausanne 1007, Switzerland
Why We Love It: You may be surrounded by tourists, but this park is hard to beat because you’re right on the lake with a view of the mountains. With a huge multi-leveled climbing apparatus that ends with multiple slides, a carousel, and a water game–it’s sure to keep those kids happy. Finish the play date off with an ice cream, a carousel ride, or a game of chess and you’ve given the kids the perfect day.

Parc Du Château De Beaulieu

Address: Avenue Bergières 7, 1004 Lausanne
Why We Love It: Another hidden treasure, this park is behind the museum of Art Brut. It has a massive tower with multiple access points which end in a big curved slide. Bring a newspaper because your kids will be looping on that thing for hours (yesssss). It also has mulitple swings and other games to keep the little ones busy.

Disclaimer: Kid’s faces were intentionally blurred.

Photos by: Gabriel Garcia Marengo


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