The Best Places to Get Ramen in Lausanne

March 15, 2022

©SushiZen Grancy

Sweet, salty, with that distinctive umami flavor, ramen is universally beloved by students and foodies alike. With so many different toppings and flavor combinations, there’s something for everyone in a ramen bowl. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best places for a bowl of ramen in Lausanne. Think we’ve missed somewhere? Let us know!


We visited Daisuki last year and found there was a lot to love, which is fitting since the name means ‘big love’ in Japanese. Their busy Lausanne restaurant has since become a local favorite, specializing in Japanese and Korean ramen dishes, as well as other East Asian delicacies.

bowl of ramen with sides on a tavke
© Sushi Zen

Sushi Zen

Sushizen has over 10 restaurants around Switzerland, and two in Lausanne, – the Sushizen Palace and Sushizen Grancy. Here you’ll find a range of enticing Japanese dishes beyond just sushi – they are known for their elegantly put-together, Instagram-worthy ramen bowls.

bowl of ramen with bok choi, pork and egg
© Doki & Doki

Doki & Doki

Small, affordable, and locally-minded, Doki & Doki is a charming ramen restaurant with an ethical side. All of their Japanese-inspired dishes are made with products local to the Lausanne region (so no fish, unfortunately!) and their ramen, in particular, comes with rave reviews.


two bowls of ramen on a table
© Ma-Jong


Mouth-watering ramen without the eye-watering prices – perfect for when you’re craving a quick and comforting ramen hit, Ma-Jong has a selection of Japanese and Chinese dishes available to have in or to-go.

© Dong Fang

The Dong Fang

Just a quick stroll from downtown Lausanne, this Chinese restaurant offers a wide range of hand-pulled ramen noodle soups in a relaxed, moody setting that’s perfect for a date night.

© Sen Fusion

Sen Fusion

One of the few places in Lausanne serving authentic Laotian food, this hidden restaurant located in a bit of a random ‘food court’ is worth checking out for a new Laotian flavor twist on the traditional ramen dish.

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