Food Delivery – Meal Kits, Groceries, and Baked Goods

November 18, 2020

Photo: The LiveUp meal delivery program from GreenUp foods is created for people wanting to reset their diets or follow a customized nutrition plan.

Whether you’re looking to reduce your trips to the grocery store, show your support to local farmers, or simply catch a break from cooking all.the.time, we’ve pulled together a list of businesses that can help.

For a list of local restaurants who have pivoted to start offering takeout during the semi-confinement, check out this article

And as always, if you’ve had an amazing experience with a company not listed here, please reach out:

Meal delivery companies

  • Dinner Kits by Street Kitchen – Always, always a favorite. Emma and her team put together really flavorful meals that make the evening a bit more exciting. Usually about 15 minutes of cooking/assembly required.
  • Green Up – Local health food takeaway restaurant that offers a complete meal plan designed by nutritionists and delivers them to anyone trying to eat intentionally or restart their diet.
  • HelloFresh – Everything you need to create meals at home, with vegetarian and meat options.
  • Yamo – Swiss organic baby food company that delivers.
  • BeyondFood –  Everything you need to create three meals at home, with vegetarian and meat options.

Grocery delivery

  • – Farmy uses your postal code to give you the most local options available on their site
  • Magic Tomato – Magic Tomato is a speciality grocery delivery company with local produce.
  • Lola Vegan – A vegan grocer with an online shop and delivery in CH.
  • Siradis – Less of a grocer, more of a [healthy] snack lover’s paradise.

Local produce baskets

  • Cuendet Farm – From one of the most beautiful market stands comes home delivery of local produce.
  • VitaVerdura – Working with farms and artisans in the immediate vicinity of Suisse Romande, this company sells produce baskets, dairy baskets, and lots of products à la carte.
  • Ugly Fruits – Did you know that up to 30% of a farmer’s produce is rejected because it isn’t “pretty” enough? Ugly Fruits delivers the rejects, meaning you can save money AND eat organic.
  • Culti-shop – In additional to produce baskets, you can also use this site as a grocer for local food.

Baked good delivery/takeaway

  • Gateaux de Mémé – Gorgeous homemade baked goods. Visit Instagram or send an email to place an order.
  • Le Fraisier – Just in time for the holidays, place an order for gourmet cookies from one of the most creative little kitchens in Lausanne. 
  • Au Four – Dreamy baked goods for delivery. Follow on Instagram for details about what’s available.
  • Taste of Heaven Home Bakery – We’re told the cheese cake is to die for!

Out of Office

Lakeside Bars in & around Lausanne

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