Ten Cozy Spots to Spend with Your Valentine(s)

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February 5, 2020

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and though we aren’t huge fans of this mostly commercial holiday, we ARE fans of any excuse to indulge a bit with loved ones. This year we’re rounding up 10 places where you can spend a perfectly cozy evening with your special person or people.

1. Fondue menu inside a gondola at Le Mirador Resort & Spa

Nestled just above Vevey, this 5* hotel resort & spa has arguably one of the best views of Lac Leman and its surroundings. They’ve converted their terrace into a cozy mountainside oasis, with gondolas that serve as your table for a 3-course fondue menu. It’s original, it’s romantic, and the view (even at night) is other-worldly.

TLG tip: leave room for the included home-made dessert…the meringues were to.die.for.

2. Ristorante Amici

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s our go-to phrase every time someone asks us why we recommend Amici so often. The quality of the food, the familiarity of the service, and the overall experience is one that never disappoints.

TLG tip: Ask Francesco (either one!) to guide your order if you’re unsure…he has never steered us wrong.

3. La Grappe D’Or

The restaurant screams cozy-romantic with its exposed wooden beamed ceiling and roaring wood fire. It was between these walls that Queen Sophie waited while her fiancé, Juan, the future king of Spain, hurried up Rue du Bourg to buy an engagement ring.

TLG tip: Snag David Bowie’s old table just next to the fireplace.

4. Brasserie du Grande Chêne

It feels like Paris, with its old-world charm. The Brasserie du Grand Chêne is an old favorite of ours when we want a bit of elegance, a bit of class, and a warmth and energy in a beautiful and cozy setting.

TLG tip: Try to reserve a table downstairs by the windows.

5. Pinte Besson

Founded in 1780 (yep, you read that right), this restaurant radiates history and tradition. There are two sections of the restaurant, the downstairs which is more traditional with stone ceilings and wooden walls and the upstairs which feels a bit more formal and brasserie-like.

TLG tip: Spend some time walking around and looking at the photographs and pictures both downstairs and upstairs. There’s a lot of history here.

6. Auberge de l’Abbaye de Montheron

It may be a short drive outside of the city center, but this place is worth it 100 times over. With creative geniuses in the kitchen and some of the kindest servers working the dining room, this gorgeous interior is one of the most romantic and cozy spots to spend any meal.

TLG tip: Don’t be afraid to go vegetarian. The meatless options were mind-blowing.

7. Chalet des Enfants

Sister restaurant to the Auberge de l’Abbaye de Montheron, this charming and traditionally Swiss restaurant makes you feel like you’re in a mountain chalet without having to (really) leave Lausanne.

TLG tip: There’s no cell service in the best of ways, so enjoy your time off the grid.

8. Auberge de Dully

If you’re willing to travel a bit outside Lausanne, head to this iconic restaurant known for their roasted chicken and potatoes.

TLG tip: Make sure to order the custard tart for dessert–they’ve been making it the same way for over 50 years (and in our opinion, it doesn’t need to change…ever).

9. Keyann Cuisine

Gorgeous interiors, a mouth-watering menu, and familiar service makes this Lebanese restaurant a perfect date night (or day) spot.

TLG tip: This is a perfect spot if your Valentine’s plans include the whole family (super family-friendly) and you’re looking to have an explosion of incredible fresh flavors.

10. Nandanam

Spice things up (literally) and head to our hands-down favorite Southern Indian restaurant right in the heart of Lausanne. It’s always packed, with incredible scents wafting from the kitchen. The dishes are all pretty spicy (so when it actually indicates spicy, be prepared!), but you won’t find these flavors anywhere else in Lausanne.

TLG tip: if you want a quieter more intimate experience, ask to reserve in the back room, closer to the terrace/garden.

For last year’s suggestions, click here.


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