TEDxLausanneWomen – May 28, 2015

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May 20, 2015

Since 2006 when their short-format, quasi-theatrical and highly-engaging talks became available for streaming online, TED has been blowing our minds by bringing attention to the work of experts who although they have “ideas worth sharing” might otherwise labor in silence in the silos of the hyper-specialized modern workplace.

Also widely celebrated is TED’s local franchise model TEDx, which allows communities across the world to plan and host their own events by recruiting leaders, geeks, artists, and academics whose contribution to their area could be inspiring to a local audience. Last year we had the great pleasure of attending TEDx Lausanne at UNIL. Can we just say that there are so many talented and courageous people doing great work here in our city?!

So when a friend of ours on the planning committee of the TEDxLausanne event asked that we share information with you about the upcoming TEDxLausanneWomen on May 28, we gladly obliged. Although the format is slightly different – the event will actually blend live local talks with a streamed feed of the official TEDWomen event taking place that day in California – we think it will be a great opportunity to connect again with a dynamic group of day dreamers around a topic that is near and dear to our hearts: the power of women and girls to be creators and change-makers. #fistpump!

Will you join us?! TEDxLausanneWomen will be hosted at the beautiful Casino de Montbenon on May 28 from 18:30-21:30 and will include inspiring talks, a buffet for brain food, and plenty of lively discussion with fellow event goers. It’s important to say that this is not a women only event! So fellas, we hope to see many of you there. Event registration is available online.

In addition to our love for the inspiring and thought-provoking sessions TEDx offers, there’s a small (ok kinda big) part of us totally geeking out about one speaker in particular. Any Orange is The New Black fans out there? If you’ve watched the number one hit series on Netflix, you’ll certainly recognize Jackie Cruz (who plays the feisty Marisol “Flaca” Gonzales) amongst the incredible line-up for TEDxLausanneWomen. 
We’ve asked her a few questions as she prepares to visit Lausanne:
1. What is your strategy for approaching new cities when you travel? 
When I travel to a new place, I always have an idea of the destinations that I would like to visit, but never a set schedule. I like to talk to the locals to get recommendations for restaurants, bars, and destinations in the area. That way I can experience the city as a local, but I can also do the tourist-y things as well. I feel more connected to the place and the people when I use their recommendations, and I also believe that I get the most of the trip this way as well.
2. Be honest, have you ever heard of Lausanne? What are you excited to do during your short stay here? 
I actually have never heard Lausanne, but I’m so excited to get the opportunity to visit. Being a part of TEDx and hearing other women convey their empowering stories makes this trip even more exciting!
3. What is the one product you would never travel without?
My lipstick! Hehe! It makes me feel like a woman.
4. We say a word, you say the first thing that comes to mind: Switzerland.
5. Where is your favorite place in the world?

My hometown Santiago in the Dominican Republic, because I get to see my family

Thanks Jackie! We look forward to hearing from you and all of the other speakers at TEDxLausanneWomen on May 28!


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