Street Style

04 Oct 18

Street Style – Eleni

“Just do what feels comfortable,” we tell her, as we move the camera lens a few inches from her face. “This?” she says, hiding

30 May 18

Street Style – Margaux

Don’t get us wrong, we love Lausanne. But there is one thing we often don’t realize we are missing until we visit Paris or

13 Jul 17

Street Style – Kati

Isn’t this contrasted look that Kati put together perfect for a coffee at Folie Voltaire and a stroll in the park? A denim jacket

31 May 17

Street Style – Vernon

  Vernon Dubner, We’ve been friends with this dapper fellow for years now. He’s the creative flair behind Dubner Moderne Art Gallery and

22 Mar 16

Street Style: Nihan

  The weather is starting to warm up, but still holds that bitter bite when in the shadows of the city. So how do

17 Feb 16

Street Style: Krystel

If you see us out on a Saturday morning with our cameras, chasing down random people in the market, don’t be alarmed. We aren’t

12 Nov 15

Street Style: Two Young Gentlemen

We saw these two strolling up to Place de la Palud, pretzels in hand, and really just couldn’t resist stopping them. They seemed so

03 Nov 15

Street Style – Léonard

We spotted Léonard at the market a couple of weeks ago and loved his attention to details – the scarf and sunglasses make the look, don’t

27 Oct 15

Street Style – Julie

Photo by Gabriel We interrupted Julie while picking out her carrots at the market to snap this shot of her effortlessly chic look. She’s

03 Mar 14

Lausanne Street Style: Nikki

On a cold and dreary day, a cute [vintage!] coat, hat, gloves, and bag make all of the difference. And we love that most

24 Feb 14

Lausanne Street Style: Naomi

Black is the new black. You can never go wrong with a monochrome look, especially when you add a pop of color to your

17 Feb 14

Lausanne Street Style: Claire and little Lisa

We couldn’t help ourselves with these two! We spotted Claire’s vintage and designer ensemble from across the market and were impressed with the ease

10 Feb 14

Lausanne Street Style: Sophie

Tartan & floral; there is something about Sophie’s ability to mix colors and patterns that makes this bohemian look refreshing and whimsical. On Sophie:

03 Feb 14

Lausanne Street Style: Katie

We know that the winter season brings forth a few fashion challenges, one being how to accessorize in a practical and pain-free way. We

15 Nov 13

Lausanne Street Style: Annie

On Annie: Bag: Zara Shoes: Zara Trousers: Zara Trench Coat: Comptoir des Cotonniers Sunglasses: RayBan A bit about Annie: What’s your profession? Nurse How

30 Oct 13

Lausanne Street Style: Nix

How cute is this little lady? We were drawn to her ability to transform a short vintage dress into this fall look with ease.

21 Oct 13

Lausanne Street Style: Andja & Tiago

We came across this lovely couple at the Saturday morning market here in Lausanne. We especially love Tiago’s denim layering and Andja’s soft knit

30 May 13

Lausanne Street Style: Noémie and Benoît

How about this stunning couple for a little grey day style inspiration? This duo’s creativity extends far beyond their wardrobe – Noémie has recently

15 May 13

Lausanne Street Style: Cindy

Coat: Zara Boots: Hunter Watch: Casio Bag: Louis Vuitton A LITTLE BIT ABOUT CINDY What is your profession? Master in Management at the University

13 May 13

Lausanne Street Style: Joelle

Sweater: Isabel Marant May is a capricious month in Lausanne, bringing both longed-for sunshine and, in what seems like the same breath, wintery winds. With

09 May 13

Lausanne Street Style: Virginia

So maybe it’s not Paris. And thinking of it as a little Milan would be a stretch. But even still, Lausanne has a style