06 Apr 17

Five Shades for Spring

Our top lipstick picks for spring this year: [clockwise from left Dior Addict Lip Glow, Sephora Lip Stain in Mulberry & Fuschia, Clinique Long Last Soft Matte in Mandarin, Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani Lipstick in 400, Sephora Coconut Lip Balm] A couple of weeks ago we finally got the chance to swing by the new Sephora right here in Lausanne, located on the ground floor of Manor. It’s little things like this iconic store’s (long awaited) arrival that make us giddy about Lausanne’s rising status as a metropolitan city. What can we say? We’re easy to please. Since becoming mothers, we’ve realized that our daily beauty routine needs to be whittled down to a bare minimum. We were never really lipstick wearers before kids, but now we couldn’t think of an easier way to enhance your look in a matter of seconds…and oh the choices! We asked Sephora’s manager, Anissa,

11 Feb 15

LG Beauty Tips: Favorite Lipsticks

To us, lipstick was always one of those things you put on for special occasions…and when you did, you were spending the evening completely sure that everyone was staring at your lips for ALL THE WRONG REASONS: Is it too dark? Too bright? Do I look like a clown? Is it on my teeth?   It wasn’t until this year, after an Instagram ‘Daily Beauty Dare’ as well as random conversations with other girlfriends who shared the same fear of lipstick, that we decided to be bold and rock lipsticks on the daily. We realized that all of our fears were completely self-constructed, and also found that finding the right lipstick can do wonders for your face (and your mood!). So here are our current favorites: One: MAC Rebel This is the lipstick that blogger after blogger claim looks good on everyone and we have to admit, they are totally right. From dark